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6 Worst Foods to Avoid For a Teenager

Worst Foods For a Teenager

Sometimes, food tastes good but is not healthier for you in any way. Such foods do not make you feel good in the long run. When it comes to teenagers, you need to know that their diet is important for them as they need more nutrients during their growing period than ever.

Teens’ favorite food is processed food these days as they love to go for MacDonald and KFC but avoid homemade food. A survey from omi hospital in Karachi reveals that the percentage of teenagers who eat fresh veggies and fruits.

To make sure about a healthy diet for teens, you need to learn about the worst foods that can hit your teens’ growing requirements.

Worst Foods You Need To Avoid 

  1. Fried and fatty meats

When I see my cousins eating burgers, hot dogs, and fried chicken, it reminds me of my teenage days. Unhealthy fats and calories consumption on a daily basis lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. When I asked experts about the intake of processed foods, they shared that teens should consume this kind of food occasionally as it can result in fat in their bodies.

Foods like chicken nuggets, burgers, bacon, and pepperoni contain unhealthy fats that can develop many health conditions. You can have such portions occasionally but make sure what size of the portion you need to go for and also consume such portions with some other healthy sides at your meal.

  1. Sugary drinks

Intake of water is less than intake of sugary drinks these days. Teens would love to drink sugary drinks rather than go with sugary drinks. These drinks contain a lot of sugar and calories. Fruits flavored beverages contain sugar content and artificial flavors. 

Energy drinks and sports drinks contain the same ingredients. Experts say that teenagers should eat fruits to get dietary fiber rather than going for sugary drinks as they do not provide energy but only raise the level of sugar in their bodies.

  1. Caffeine

When I was a teenager, I used to drink a lot of coffee to stay up all night as it helped with studying. But studies reveal that caffeine is a stimulant that is not a good match for teens. 

Growing kids need more nutrients and vitamin D to increase calcium absorption as it helps to build strong bones and muscles. Intake of caffeine decreases calcium absorption and does not work well for teens as a stimulant. It causes problems for teens and can disturb them while paying attention during school hours. A study also reveals that caffeine intake leads to sleep disturbance in teenagers.

  1. French fries 

Fast food is good for taste but occasionally. But we all should know that these foods do not provide any nutrients to your body. The teenage body requires different nutrients to grow. French fries do not contain any type of the required nutrients. They are fatty and salty. French fries are also high in calories. It is not a good fit for a balanced diet plan. If you want to eat it, add salad or a fruit bowl.

  1. Junk Foods

When teenagers or kids go to the market, they fill their baskets with Oreos, pop tarts, packages cookies, etc. even breakfast cereals are also not good for teenagers as they do not provide good nutrition. Junk foods are often easily digested but they leave teens deficient in some required nutrients.

  1. White bread

Maybe you like white bread but the truth is that this bread is not good for you as you need to eat a more healthy diet for strong bones and muscles. They are low in fiber and nutrients that provide poor energy, raise your blood sugar levels, and offer little nutritional value.

Final Thought

Get physical activity and make sure that you go with a balanced diet. Experts do not restrict any food for teenagers but they should need to go with portion size meals to fulfill the requirements of the body.

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