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Why LG TVs Still Top the Chart in Top-Selling TVs in India


Many popular TV brands have their presence in India. Of those selling hotcakes in the country, LG TVs surely top the list of the ‘BEST’. In a recently conducted study across 16 cities in the country, the brand got recognition for its innovative design, invigorating display, and overall performance.

LG smart TVs as well as other LG units are known for unparalleled picture quality. LG is an international brand. The manufacturer invents and embeds new technologies to deliver life-like pictures. The brand gets praises for the latest features embedded into their new launches. The high-end models from the LG stable not only offer stunning visuals but also deliver artificial intelligence-supported features and the latest gaming options. 

The price of a television unit depends on multiple factors. However, LG TVs are not as expensive as the television units rolling out of other leading brands in the industry. Therefore, an lg 43 inch led tv or an LG 43 inch Led TV is not as costly as you might think. Furthermore, you can get easy-to-afford EMIs at Bajaj Finserv EMI Store to fund your purchase.

Many leading TV brands are operating in the industry but LG TVs steal the show for exciting displays and innovative features. There are several reasons contributing to the brand’s Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. The article examines why LG still tops the list of the best-selling brands in India.

Picture Quality: Whether you intend to buy an LG 43-inch LED TV or any other LG model, it houses a good quality picture engine.

LG is one of the top three elite brands and LG TVs are best known for striking visuals. The brand has all the making to bag the award for the best picture quality. LG uses IPS panels instead of VA panels. Both types have some advantages and disadvantages. VA panels offer better contrast whereas IPS panels produce bright quality but don’t offer excellent results in managing darkness. But if it comes to comparison, IPS panels deliver better output in color production and angle viewing.

Advanced Technology: The brand believes in innovation and welcomes new inventions. It brings the ‘best’ to the market on strength of new technologies embedded in the new models. LG is the first brand to embed AI features in its smart TV and other avatars. The brand’s reliance on the latest technology ensures a greater user experience. They deserve applause for their exceptional OLED panels that can easily give competition to QLED panels, a signature of Samsung, their close competitor.

LG uses Dolby Vision to create better contrast and improve HDR. In fact, LG is the only brand that supports Dolby Vision. The brand also makes intelligent use of Nano Cell Display Technology to produce a wide colour gamut and striking images.

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Smart OS: LG is one of the leading names in the industry to have pioneered and popularized smart television sets. Apart from smart TVs, they also deserve credit for Web OS, which is undoubtedly the best in the market. In fact, the brand rules in this particular domain. With an intuitive design and a wide range of the content in-app store, web OS is clearly much ahead of other alternatives available.

The company has also introduced an AI interface in its smart TVs in order to enable the TVs for voice control. It is amazing to note that whereas other brands are yet to make extensive use of AI, LG has already excelled in the field.

User Experience: If it comes to user experience, LG claims the numero uno spot on the list of the top-selling TV brands. LG TVs deliver top-notch display quality, offer the best WebOS and pioneer AI interface. An assembly of all these ensures an enriching user experience. These are the reasons why users have no love lost for LG.

Price: Though quality matters, price is a great distractor. Depending on your purchase power, a price tag may scare you away or make you jump with joy. Though LG TVs score high on several parameters, they surprisingly beat their close competitors on price. 

Compare the price of an LG 43-inch LED TV to similar options from other leading brands. It is really surprising how the brand keeps the price low without compromising performance. Buy and TV online and you will get a good bang for your buck.

So, you see there are many compelling reasons why LG TVs make the best choice in India. The brand is a name to respect and rely on. If you are planning to place an order, it is definitely a good decision. Pay affordable EMIs through Bajaj Finserv EMI Store and bring home your favorite LG TV.

Evaluate the highest limit of your budget, enter the range in the price filter and look at the available options. Once you agree to pay EMIs, you will get delivery within 24 hours of order placement. With Bajaj Finserv EMI Store ready to help, why to compromise with your TV choice?