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Why Hire an Arborist?

arborist climbing up the tree

An arborist can efficiently perform the tasks needed to improve or maintain the health, safety and appearance of your trees. Trees that are not pruned regularly will have weaker and unsightly-looking limbs and branches. Also, working with large trees can be very dangerous especially if you do not have all the proper equipment and experience required for the job. Unsafe cutting of large trees can seriously injure people or damage property. Most importantly, tree experts know what not to do for trees. Caring for trees in your garden can be a very big task and you may find that hiring a tree specialist will save you time and money.

Afforestation experts help trees maintain their health and strength through regular pruning. Beautiful backyard landscaping, if not maintained, can cause many problems over time. Trees left to grow without pruning will become crowded with dead and crossed branches or may grow into nearby structures such as your house, garage, fence, power lines, etc. and will move great distances to avoid the full force of strong wind gusts. Healthy limbs and branches are very strong and resilient in high winds, however, branches that rub against other branches in the wind, cannot grow properly and will break under normal stress conditions. Even the limbs of large trees can burst due to lack of tree maintenance, or fall on people or property nearby.

Branches that rub against your home quickly destroy cornices, rafters, and windows. Branches out of control may cut utility wires. Afforestation experts can help keep your trees healthy and strong for many years so that you and your family can be safe. Regular pruning of trees is:

Arborists Prevent the Spread of Insects and Diseases

Tree diseases spread through the decay of dead wood. Young, dead twigs are the perfect place for fungi and other tree diseases to grow and spread to the rest of the tree, if not removed. As diseases spread, larger parts of yor tree die and disease spreads faster. Have a tree expert remove all dead and dying branches from your trees regularly to prevent the spread of disease.

Tree owners get your trees absorb more sunlight. Over time, dead branches build up inside the crown of your trees. Once the branch dies, it will take up valuable space and cast a shadow over other parts of your tree. As more and more dead branches accumulate, the less direct sunlight that will reach the living parts of your tree. As a result, your tree will expand outward and upward at a greater rate to get the sunlight it needs to survive. This kind of rapid growth is bad for two reasons.

dead tree

First, the main limbs will grow long and slender and may not be strong enough to bear the weight of all the leaf-bearing branches that develop at the top where sunlight can reach. After the Arborists remove all the dead branches from the trees, more direct sunlight is able to reach all their parts which results in the proper development of the main limbs and a much slower overall growth rate.

Tree owners maintain beautiful shapes for your trees to benefit you and your community. The money you spend on regular visits to arborist Sydney is an investment that provides great returns. Great looking and healthy trees increase property value and ugly and unhealthy trees reduce property value. As your landscape matures over the years, the amount of care put into it will be easily noticeable by everyone who sees it whether or not they know anything about trees. The easiest way to get your trees working for you to increase the value of your property is to rent an arborist.

Trees Become very Large and Large

Without regular pruning to keep the height and shapes of your trees to match your landscaping ideas, trees can spiral out of control before you know it. In most cases of deforestation, the story is always the same. Homeowners talk about how small their trees were when they planted them.

Other Reasons why Tree Operators may Remove Trees are

Dead or dying. If dead trees are left in an arboreal niche, they will decay over time and become less stable. The longer it is left to rot, the less sticky it becomes and the more difficult it is to remove safely. Unstable trees can double the cost of removal if large cranes and equipment are required to do the work safely.