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Why Consider Hemp Essential Oil an Asset?

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It is what we know as hemp oil, which is extracted from cannabis Sativa seeds. Marijuana is not the same as hemp or cannabis, as we popularly know them, although they are from the same plant species. They are not the same as they are two different plants due to their composition: just as marijuana has a high content of cannabiaceae (THC, tetrahydrocannabinol) that act on the central nervous system, this other type has small content of cannabinoids THC, but high in CBD is a cannabinol without action on the central nervous system as a psychotropic.

It is generally known as hemp if this product is low in THC but high in CBD.

We can find three different products:

Hemp Oil, Hemp oil, is oil-rich in fatty acids, omega 3 and 6

CBD Oil, CBD oil, is high in cannabinol and little THC so, it is not considered a proper psychotropic

Cannabis oil, this yes, is rich in THC and a psychostimulant.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol is one of the cannabinoids that this plant contains, CBD is not psychotropic, unlike THC.

CBD is legal and non-toxic.

So, we should not be scared when they tell us that a cosmetic product or a supplement contains cannabis. It contains CBD, which does not act by altering the central nervous system.

How Does Hemp Oil Work in the Organism?

In the central nervous system, we have cannabinoid receptors. They are in the brain and the immune system. They are the CB1 and CB2 receptors.

The body can produce its cannabinoids, they are what we know as endocannabinoids, similar to CBD.

Endocannabinoids can regulate homeostasis and some functions such as mood, sleep, hunger, pain, and even immune responses.

It is why plant or plant cannabinoids can compensate for the lack of endocannabinoid production, and thus we can understand their properties.

How to Produce Hemp Oil?

Once the Cannabis plant with a high CBD content has been cultivated, it is extracted without solvents or ketones.

The extraction method is one of the most critical points of the price and quality of the product.

Hemp seed oil, when cold-pressed, is very pure but not very rich in CBD or cannabinoids.

For other methods, the experts use petroleum derivatives, solvents such as ketones. These are rich in THC but not CBD. Another technique is with alcohol and olive oil. This method is not the most suitable to prepare concentrated oil.

The best method but also the most expensive is the extraction with Co2. With this method, we will obtain the richest and most concentrated cannabinoids.

Understanding Different Types of Hemp

The oil can be found in capsules, in liquid, or both cosmetic and topical products such as balms or creams with different beneficial actions on health.

The dose of the capsules is usually 25mg, and it is usually added to omega 3.

CBD tincture or CBD liquid is obtain by diluting the CBD extract in alcohol or oil. Tinctures are more concentrated at 1-20mg.

Balms and ointments can add to cosmetics or massage ointments.

What are the Important Components of Hemp Oil?

Apart from cannabinoids, hemp oil has other assets such as fatty acids, omega 3 and 6, tocopherols, mainly vitamin E, phytoceramides, terpenes, and minerals.

The Benefits

Once we know what the components of this oil are, we can understand its actions and benefits.

Benefits for the Skin and Hair 

Hemp essential oils are very rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Therefore, you can use it to help improve skin conditions and accentuate its hydration and elasticity. These oils also enhance the natural regeneration of the skin. All custom hemp essential oil boxes by CBD Packaging Store tell you many benefits as well. However, you can get more information after reading this information.

It is ideal in psoriasis and atopic dermatitis since the skin is deficient in this type of fatty acid.

For dry hair, it is also very beneficial, as it nourishes it. This oil is rich in phytoceramides, and these substances help the cell membrane be effective and prevent dehydration of the skin and hair fibers. Hair looks shinier and nourished.

  1. It balances Hormones in Our Bodies

All fatty acids are beneficial in hormonal production, but especially omega 6, specifically GLA, gamma-linoleic acid, which is highly recommend in women with significant premenstrual syndrome. 

Omega 6 can convert into prostaglandins PGE1, which also regulates the hormonal balance in menopause.

  1. It is an Antioxidant

Vitamin E and fatty acids are the best antioxidants. They can use in many products with that function.

It has a great capacity for scavenging free radicals, which helps protect cellular DNA. Cannabidiol is a more powerful free radical scavenger than vitamin E.

  1. HempOil Improves the Immune System

Again, thanks to the fatty acids, it is of great help to the immune system. The endocannabinoids that I mentioned at the beginning are molecules derive from fatty acids. Endocannabinoids are part of the improvement of the immune system.

  1. It Improves Your Mood

It has a high content of terpenoids, volatile molecules closely related to the smell they have. In cannabis, we find beta-caryophyllene and myrcene. Myrcene helps multiply relaxation and improve mood and activity. Hemp oil also has antidepressant and anti-inflammatory actions. Endocannabinoids also enhance your mood. The endocannabinoid system regulates the production of neurotransmitters, especially during depression and anxiety.

  1. Much Protected Heart with Hemp Oil

We already know that omega 3 protects the circulatory system. It helps reduce LDL, cholesterol, and the accumulation of saturated fats in the arteries. 

Final Words

In addition to the properties for health in general, many cosmetics that little by little contain Hemp oil rich in CBD. These products are also packaged in customized printed cbd boxes uk

Knowing that it is oil-rich in fatty acids, it will be excellent for the hydration and nutrition of the skin. 

For the most part, we will advise them for dry skin, eczema problems, or atopic skin.

Also, ideal to avoid skin irritations or after using highly exfoliating products such as glycolic acid in high concentrations, depigmenting such as kojic acid, and the most irritating is retinol or retinoic acid.

It has the anti-inflammatory and antiseptic capacity, so problem skin can also benefit. I would recommend it, especially in people who are taking 13-cis-retinoic acid capsules.