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What to Look for in a Stylist Scissors Kit

If you’re looking to purchase a new pair of scissors, you may be wondering which shears are best. To answer this question, there are several important factors to consider when making your purchase. These factors include blade length, tip, and Titanium coating. Let’s take a look at what to look for in a stylist scissors kit.


If you want to create an elegant cut, you should consider purchasing a high-quality set of stylist scissors. A well-chosen pair of scissors will help you achieve the look you’re going for, with a precision cut that will last for months. In addition, you should always remember to use scissors with the proper grip. This will help you avoid injury when cutting hair.


The first step in caring for your Trisbro stylist scissors kit is to clean them thoroughly. This will prevent infections and prolong their life. Using a detangling brush and shine spray before cutting hair will also prevent unnecessary hair breakage. After cutting a client’s hair, you should wash your shears thoroughly. Using shear oil will prolong the performance of your scissors, and will prevent rusting and stiffness that can cause uneven cuts.

Another step is to check the blade lengths of your scissors. Different hair-cutting scissors have different blade lengths. In order to find the correct size, you must measure the blade from the tip to the finger hole. Be careful not to measure the finger rest, as this will increase the risk of slipping.

Blade Length

This styling kit features the trisbro shears, which have an offset design to reduce wrist fatigue. They also come with comfortable ABS plastic handles with a finger rest, which can help you maintain a neutral hand position while cutting. These scissors are designed to produce a natural finish with a sleek, sharp look, which will leave your hair shiny and smooth. In addition, these scissors are perfect for creating special texturizing effects and movement in your hair.

The blade length of each scissors in the Trisbro stylist scissors kit varies, making them ideal for different hair cutting techniques. You can easily measure the length of your scissors by measuring from the tip of the blade to the edge of the finger rest.

Titanium Coating

The Titanium coating on Trisbro stylist scissors makes them more durable and rust-resistant. They are also made of superior steel and are able to keep their cutting edge sharp for a longer period of time. However, they are not better than a standard pair of scissors, which can dull easily. In fact, most of the scissors marketed as “Titanium” are made from titanium nitride or titanium diboride, which are both much milder steels.


Titanium coating adds color to scissors and makes them more attractive to consumers. They are available in different colors, such as matte black, pink, or even rainbow. The titanium coating is not permanent, so if you’re going to use your scissors often, you should replace them with new ones every now and then.

Matsui Steel

Matsui stylist scissors are a great choice for cutting and styling hair. These high-quality scissors are ergonomically designed for easy handling and are perfect for cutting layers, bangs and split ends. They have a sharp cutting edge and come with a clip and comb for added convenience.

This set of scissors is perfect for beginners. It contains the basic styles that you need for every type of hairstyle. There are also thinning scissors, which feature many small teeth and are designed to thin out chunks of hair. Thinner scissors allow you to cut more hair with each snip, saving you time and effort.