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What to Consider When Buying a Dell laptop?

Dell Laptop

Dell is a leading laptop manufacturer in the world. Today, it sells over a million copies worldwide each year. If you are planning to buy a Dell laptop, then there is a list of checkpoints. It will help you choose a laptop that gives you the best configuration within a particular price range. Dell laptop price is flexible.

The company has an elaborate range of laptops that come with diverse configurations, features, and prices. Let us discuss the points to consider while buying the best laptop under 30000.

Dell is one of the most commonly searched laptops. It is one of the oldest laptop manufacturing brands with several successful models under its roof.

Opt for a Good Screen

The screen is the visual output of the laptop. Hence, it is always better to purchase laptops with high-definition screens. Today, you can easily purchase a laptop with an HD screen at a price above Rs 25K. As a buyer, you need to have your priorities set before making the final purchase.

Large and Full HD screens are recommended for movie lovers. Professionals can manage with smaller screens which would reduce the overall weight of the device. A 1920×1080-pixel resolution is the minimum screen resolution requirement for a good laptop.

Weight of the Laptop

A heavy laptop is difficult to carry. Hence, laptop manufacturers like Dell came up with lightweight laptops designed for better mobility and utility. Some of the readers might still be using older models which are on the heavier side. Modern laptops from Dell are much lighter and ergonomic.

RAM Specifications

The usage of high-end applications and high-speed internet connectivity requires laptops to have high RAM specifications. It helps the user in processing more data within a fixed period. 8 GB RAM laptops are highly recommended for working professionals. 16 GB RAMs are recommended for photo and video editing. 

Dell laptops come with a wide range of RAM capabilities. The buyers have the freedom to pick and choose a configuration that meets their professional requirements and budget.

SSD or SSD Cache

The laptops which come with SSD or SSD Cache are faster and more efficient compared to non-SSD laptops. It is to be noted that a lower Hard Disk capability would not affect the overall performance of the laptop.

Gaming Preference

If you are an avid gamer, then you need to be very particular about the screen refresh rate of the laptop. The refresh rate should ideally be greater than 144 Hz. This would ensure an uninterrupted gaming experience for the user. The In-Plane Switching or the IPS is another very important factor in a laptop. This viewing angle would ensure a profound viewer experience for the user.


There are some laptop users which prefer to connect an external keyboard to the laptop. This helps them enhance their typing speed. A good keyboard is vital for a laptop. Dell laptop keyboards are known for their smoothness and quality. They also offer dedicated after-sales services to their customers.

Processor Speed

This is the most important aspect of the laptop. The entire data processing capability of the laptop depends on the processor. If you are planning to purchase a Dell laptop, then it would be very difficult for you to bypass the best Intel processors like Core i3, i5, & i7. Many users recommend Intel Core Processors for multi-tasking.

Battery Life

Battery life is one of the most important checkpoints for a new Dell laptop. The battery life is vital for multitasking and heavy data processing. A battery rating between 44 Wh and 50 Wh will give you a very satisfactory battery life. Quick charging is another important feature available in modern laptops. Just like modern smartphones, laptops also need to charge quickly. Modern Dell laptops offer quick charging capacity.

Budget, Design, & Colour

These are some of the most important points but are being discussed at the conclusion. A Budget Dell laptop price in an attractive design is the best deal for any laptop buyer. There are ample options available with Dell offering the best laptop under 30000.

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