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What makes Kraft Boxes Unique

custom printed kraft boxes

Kraft product boxes have taken over much of the packaging market in the last decade. Before they were design printed in captivating styles, kraft boxes were associated with cardboard mailers. This association came from a the perception about its coarse, natural brown texture. But, it’s been more than a decade now that custom kraft boxes have become the top choice for businesses. The coarse texture is the main ingredient to open doors for top-class branding & design approaches.

Today, endless customization possibilities for kraft-made boxes make them a lot pleasing to look at, apart from being very functional. Let’s explore more about kraft boxes and see what’s so unique about them:

Why you Should take Pride in using Kraft Boxes

There’s a reason you may feel obliged to use a certain packaging – in this case, kraft boxes. Using kraft boxes to pack products is literally something to be proud of. You get the chance to be a company that’s known for acting responsibly towards environment when packaging. But why should it matter and how? Here’s a breakdown:

Kraft is 100% Recyclable Stock Material

Kraft boxes in most of their forms are made from recycled kraft paper. But, it’s only the virgin white kraft paper that is obtained from unbleached pulp. Also, the kraft paperboard used to make custom kraft boxes is made from one-hundred percent post-consumer recycled material. The kraft paperboard we use for all our kraft boxes is made from 100% post-consumer recycled material! By using kraft boxes, you are taking part in environmental safety by contributing to the global recycling industries.

Kraft Product Boxes are Uncoated

Kraft-made packaging boxes are more eco-friendly for two reasons. First is that kraft paper is much less processed as compared with others. Secondly, kraft paper’s texture is rough – allowing easiness to finish and laminate. Now that coatings and lamination are much hard to be recycled, they therefore must be separated. When coating or lamination is not there, then kraft packaging boxes turn to more eco-friendly.

100% Recyclable Factor

Kraft boxes are more environmentally friendly than boxes made from any other material. If we you separate or eliminate coatings from kraft paper’s surface, then it’s quick to biodegrade easily and does not give off any harmful residues either.

And when you use inks that are also certified as organic for printing on kraft – then your whole packaging is said to be 100% eco-friendly.

Strength & Durability

Kraft material is not coated, because its thickness is already about 18 points, and this paper resists moisture and severe handling. The natural brown coarse texture also protects against scratches and peeling. Made in cherry-lock styles mailers, they are a perfect fit for packing slightly heavier products such as candle jars, glass mugs, bottles etc.

Also, more frangible items like food, jewellery, decoration articles, glass dropper bottles or small delicate jars are well protected against damages inside these boxes.

Kraft boxes: Amazing to Apply Customizations on

Boxes made from sturdy kraft material are fit for almost every consumer good product. From soap and cosmetics to processed foods & frozen items and fashion accessories and apparels. You name the product – and kraft boxes have a definite solution for it.

In a nutshell, custom kraft boxes are in demand for majority of the products, be it e-commerce or the offline stores! If your goal is to have an organic and natural feel for your product boxes, then go for kraft paper. Not just organic looks, but the graceful coarse texture also gives out authenticity.

Cost-Effective Kraft Packaging Boxes with Custom Labels

This is the most simple and cost-efficient way of packaging your products. It fits greatly for all industries. Especially, Kraft boxes with labels work wonders for cosmetic brands and high-end fashion accessory businesses.

custom kraft boxes

The rough texturing gives a powerful appeal that speaks for the brand. These boxes simply get the job done with elegance and protection. And all this comes as a cheaper solution compared with fully-printed boxes.

Printing – Black & Full-colored Printing on Kraft Boxes

These boxes can be fully color-printed. All with the help of superior monochrome printing in black. But a few important aspects are to be considered and kept in mind. Let’s now explore how kraft boxes look with color printing!

Kraft paper can be printed in four ways:

Black Printing

The black print looks powerful, bold, and graceful in every design

Full-color Printing

It comes as a regular CMYK printing process. The fibers in the kraft paper still stay visible to an extent from within the ink. If you’re looking for an organic outlook then such natural appearance is superb.

Vivid Colors or the White Ink

For popping colors, complement with white ink coloring behind areas for making colors sharper at some points. The white ink halts the lower brown texture and prevents its from blending in with the natural brown color. Whereas, the rest shows the brown kraft’s texture. White ink plays a great role in aesthetics because kraft’s texture tends to soak up ink.There’s more you can do:

Kraft Boxes with Cut-outs and Custom Inserts

Custom kraft packaging boxes with personalized cutouts are also a real deal. But… 

Why go for Box Cutouts?

Few most important reasons about this are:

  • Cutouts give customers a sneak peek onto the product. This aspect can be taken advantage of for many products. Ranging from cosmetics, food, to apparel and any product that you want to either protectively send or display on store shelves.
  • Cutouts allow Sniffing of Products. Relevant to kraft soap boxes or any product that customers would want to buy depending on how its fragrance is. Cutouts give buyers a sensory experience. This way, you help them make fast, but positively influenced purchasing decisions.
  • Cutouts add Diversity with Style. As mentioned earlier too, every extra detail, such as cutouts, gives the sense of added value to your packaging. Compared to simple boxes, packaging with cutouts shows your brand cares for customer experience. Which starts with offering a unique packaging.
  • Cutouts help telling easily rememberable stories. Create 100% custom cutouts for your kraft packaging, that helps your brand stand out from others. Create custom cutouts in your desired shape as per logo, artistic pattern, or design that’s part of your branding’s theme. Now, every time someone takes a look at those cutouts, they’ll just know.