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What do I Need to keep in Mind when it Comes to Keeping my Premises Safe and Secure

Just like every other space, securing an office or workplace is also important. However, the internal security in workplaces starts from the deliberate awareness of staff of the office space. Many companies are at risk from employee theft, intellectual property theft or even criminal break-ins. As business owners or company directors, what can we do to ensure the office security is working effectively?

If you are a business owner go ahead and keep on reading, the following lines will surely get you started on having a secured office environment. Follow the below office security tips to secure your workplace from all sorts of threats and you could save on huge losses.

Alarm Systems

Install an alarm system to guarantee a quick police response to catch criminals in the act. Intruder alarms are the most effective method to prevent criminal acts and automatically alert the authorities when they do happen. Alarm systems are especially relevant when you have lone workers carrying out their duties alone in your premises. These are special workers who require special safety measures and a lone worker alarm can make the difference between a safe and a dangerous situation.

Integrated Security Systems

Speak to an expert provider and implement an integrated security system that is unique to the needs of your workplace. Central monitoring, access control management, CCTV cameras and audio intrusion detection are some of the security features your workplace could benefit from. There are several variations and customisable options available.

Employee Screening Policy

Protect your company from employee theft and intellectual property theft by implementing a screening policy; this may include criminal record checks as well as reference checks. Ask for copies of any relevant credentials or certifications.

Access Control

Install a managed access control system to track and restrict who goes where and when. Implementing such system will allow you to disable access if an employee loses their card or no longer works for your firm.


Create an in-depth training program on office safety and security. It should include how to properly lock up documents, protect passwords and everything that concerns securing the office and building. Include also your policy on employee theft and confidentiality agreements.

Lock-Up Server Room

Restrict access to your server room to those employees who have actually passed an in-depth security clearance, and make sure you use an access control management system. Check and make sure your server room location cannot be accessed through neighbouring offices or business’ common walls, for this purpose it is ideal for this room to be located in the middle of your facility.

Security Rated Safe

Lock your cash money as well as financial information in a safe that meets your insurer’s guidelines. Make sure you restrict access to the combination and change it frequently.

server room lock

Secure Workstations

Disconnect computers that are not currently being used. Lock all paperwork in filing cabinets and also use a locked box for documents and paperwork waiting to be shredded.

Disable Drives

Prevent your employees from copying business information by disabling or even completely removing USB ports, floppy drives, or any other means of connecting external devices and drives.

Protect the Printers

Modern printers usually store documents and information in their on-board memories. In case a printer is hacked or stolen, access to recently printed documents may be granted. Ensure all printers are in a secure location and make sure any extra copies of printed files are placed in the locked shredding box.

In conclusion, having proper security starts with a deliberate effort of the members of your staff to identify and address potential threats. However, incorporating the above tips will further strengthen the security of your workplace or office.