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What are Symptoms and Causes of Insomnia


Insomnia is a common sleeping disorder in which a person can’t sleep properly even if he tries again and again to sleep but still he can’t sleep well. And after trying hard, he sleeps but then awakens immediately and then he can’t sleep again. In short words, there is much disturbance in sleep in this disorder. This is a serious disorder and it should not be ignored, because sleep is very important for a healthy life.

Sleep is needed on a daily basis. If a person can’t take proper sleep, his mind becomes depressed, etc. His brain and other body parts get tired if sleep is not taken properly. He didn’t get fresh, cool and calm. Due to insomnia, your mood and energy is destroyed badly and along with it you face many physical health issues. Like muscle pain, backache, itching in eyes, dark circles around eyes, and then a person can’t live a normal quality life. You should get more information from sleep therapists near me.

Types of Insomnia 

There are basically two types of insomnia. 

Primary Insomnia

In this type of insomnia, your sleeping problems or disorder doesn’t link to any other health issue like illness or other problems. In this type of sleeping disorder, you only have sleeping issues. You didn’t face other health problems.

Secondary Insomnia

This type of insomnia is caused by Other health problems. You could also have other health problems due to which you can’t sleep such as depression, cancer pain, asthma, etc. These types of issues are also a cause of insomnia. You also can’t sleep due to these health problems.

Symptoms of Insomnia

There are many symptoms of insomnia. In this article we will discuss some of those symptoms by which you can guess that you are affected by sleeping disorder. 

Difficulty in Sleeping

According sleep psychiatrist near me, The biggest symptom of insomnia is that a person can’t sleep even after so many attempts to sleep. These types of people stay awake the whole night and they do something else instead of sleeping. This could be any type of insomnia but this is seriously a dangerous disorder.

Waking up Early 

Those people who are affected by insomnia would sleep after so many attempts of sleeping then they have so much less sleep. They awake at night and can’t sleep again. Or they awake early in the morning and can’t sleep again the whole day. They have a maximum sleep of 3 to 4 hours. This is maximum and this means that they have less sleep than 3 to 4 hours. And this is not a healthy sleep. 


Those people who are affected by insomnia and due to sleeping disorder don’t get proper sleep and due to improper or incomplete sleep they feel tired all the time. They are not relaxed and easy. They become very slow. And Laziness prevails over them. And due to this laziness they can’t do any work, can’t go anywhere, and lie the whole day in laziness and tiredness.


Problems with Concentration 

Those people who are affected by insomnia can’t concentrate on anything or any work and sometimes they forget different things. Their memory doesn’t work properly. They face so many Perplexities in giving attention to anything. And it gets difficult to memorize anything and their coordination becomes weak. 


These types of people get irritated and have depression and anxiety attacks on them, they become irritated and due to this they make so many mistakes and also accidents are caused by them unintentionally. 


Those people who are affected by insomnia become worried about small things. When night comes, their anxiety increases because they know that they can’t sleep. Spending nights becomes so difficult for them. So that’s why they become worried and their anxiety increases and they can’t control that.

Causes of Insomnia

There are also so many causes of insomnia and we will discuss some of them. 


When a person is stressed due to work issues, family issues, work stress, etc then the insomnia attacks him more. Or any accident happens to him due to which he becomes stressed, or due to death of any loved one, or he loses his job, etc these are the causes of stress. Due to stress, insomnia is caused. You can check dr syed ahmed reviews before making appointment with him.

Work Schedule 

If you disturb your work schedule, and go on long journeys, due to disturbance in your work routine and noise, you can’t sleep properly and this leads to insomnia. 

Poor Sleep Habit

Those people who have poor sleep habits, they don’t have any schedule of sleeping, they have irregular bedtime, etc. These types of people have so many chances that insomnia may attack them. So that’s why make your proper schedule of sleeping and follow that so you can sleep easily and peacefully at that time. Otherwise insomnia can attack you. 

Eating Too Much Late 

Eating dinner late at night is also a cause of insomnia. When you eat your meat late at night this affects your sleep. Eating late is also a cause of physical disturbance, you feel physically uncomfortable because of eating late at night and due to this disturbance, you can’t sleep. And if this becomes your habit and becomes permanent from temporary then this means that you are affected by sleeping disroder.