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What are Good Quality Socks made of?

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Do you always have scuffs and holes in your socks? You will probably buy the wrong quality socks. From now on that is a thing of the past. In this blog, we tell you what good quality socks are and what you should pay attention to when you choose good quality socks. We explain what good quality socks are and what you should pay attention to when you buy these socks.

It seems as if socks are a bit of the neglected child in your wardrobe. We are soon inclined to go for the offer of three pairs of stockings for a tenner, then one good pair for the same price. I like not to spend too much money on it. That’s a shame because socks have very important functions. They protect your feet from the cold, absorb moisture and help prevent damage from the outside.

Material Socks

With the above points in mind, you will come a long way. But there are a number of other features that can help you ensure that you won’t have a hole in your toe a few weeks later. The material of which the sock is made also determines the quality to a large extent. Merino Wool Socks made from natural materials cost a little more, but they last longer.


The best quality sock is still made of wool. It has been proven that after frequent washing, the shine and quality remain beautiful longer than, for example, cotton socks. In addition, wool absorbs moisture better, so that you keep your feet dry for longer. In the summer, wool keeps your feet cool and in the winter it keeps your feet warm.

Wool is of a soft quality, so pleasant to wear. The only downside is that it can itch your feet a bit. But there are also smart solutions for that nowadays. For example Merino wool. This is the softest wool and has the least chance of itching or irritation.


Many socks are made of cotton. Sometimes a combination of cotton with wool. Do you suffer from an allergy to wool? Then cotton is a good alternative. Cotton, like wool, also has the property of keeping the foot cool. Ideal for the summer. In addition, it also absorbs moisture well, which prevents sweaty feet.

cotton sock

Besides the best choice for good quality socks, there are a number of other tips to ensure that you can enjoy your beautiful socks for as long as possible.

Prevent Friction in the Shoe

Therefore, choose the right size of shoes. A bit of an open door, but many people often buy shoes that are too big. It is often thought that it would be better to be too big than too small. Nowadays it is possible to buy two different sizes of one pair of shoes. Or solve the problem with a sole, which fills small spaces. Also pay attention to sharp edges when buying new shoes. Wear socks with online wool gloves for better protection.

Buy the Right Size Socks

Socks that are too small fit tightly around the toes, increasing the risk of wear. Especially when your toenails are also long. So keep it short.

Don’t Walk on your Socks

Slip on slippers over your socks. Not only nice and warm for your feet, but also good for your new socks. Especially if you walk a lot on carpet.


These cheerful raised toes push a little more against the sock and can cause holes in your socks. There is nothing you can do about jubilation. That is not necessary. In that case, choose socks made of thick natural materials and keep your toenails short.

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