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Top 5 Reasons why People Lie About VXI Bluetooth Headsets

VXI Headsets

All people love to use these Vxi Bluetooth headsets. Office employees and pro gamers prefer to use these kinds of headsets because of their amazing features and functions. They are easy to use for a longer time period. They provide ease and convenience to users in all aspects. But often, people spread rumors and misconceptions about these headsets. These rumors have no truth in them.

They are Costly

It is the worldwide spread misconception about Bluetooth headsets that they are costly. This is not the case. All the Bluetooth and wireless headphones are not expensive. It comes in different pricing rates. There are many companies manufacturing these headphones now. Some are making these headsets with amazing features at a cost-effective pricing rate. These headsets, although have pretty amazing features, do not always have expensive rates.


This pricing is one of the many reasons why most people do not purchase them. Some models of these headsets do come at a pricey side. But there is also a way to buy them at cost-effective rates. In a whole year, manufacturing companies provide sales on various occasions and end of seasons. You can even purchase the expensive products at an economical price range in such sales offers. This way, you do not have to spend a huge amount of money just to get these headgears.

The Headsets are Heavy

One of the most common lies of Sennheiser Bluetooth headsets is that they are heavy. This means that they are not comfortable to wear for long hours. Moreover, it also means that these headphones cannot fit perfectly over the head or the ears. The heaviness of the headset puts pressure on the ears and causes muscle soreness. Well, all of these things are lies and myths. These headsets are pretty comfortable to wear.

They come in different styles. You have the liberty to choose the one with which you are comfortable. For example, the over to head style comes with large ear cups which are pad with some soft materials. This material is breathable, which means it allows the air to pass. This way, the ears do not get hot or produce excessive sweat. These styles also come with an adjustable headband. So, it is quite easy to adjust and fit these headgears on your head.

Poor Battery Timing

These Bluetooth and wireless headsets need to be get charge before using. One of the biggest misconceptions about these headpieces is that they need to get charge all the time. People believe that they have a poor battery. Well, in this case, it is not true. The headsets have great battery timing., These batteries, once charged completely, can allow long hours of talking time.

VXI Bluetooth Headsets

Upon full charging, you can use them for straight 10 hours. Moreover, they are also featured with the sleep mode. This means even if they are switched on, but if not being used, they go to sleep. They conserve their energy that can be used later. Office employees and professional gamers that need to use them for longer hours appreciate these features. Hence, they need not worry about every other hour to recharge their headphones.

Less Noise Cancellation

The headsets come in different styles and designs. The over to head, behind the neck, in the ear, over the ear are some of the best styles that people love. All of these styles help in providing some kind of ease. People choose these styles considering their own demands and requirements. These Bluetooth headsets are thought to be average.

They are considered average because people lie that they do not provide effective noise cancellation technology. This is not true. These headsets are featured with ANC microphones that do not transmit any ambient voice to the listeners. They generate the sound inverted to the noise that helps in canceling out the effect of noise. This way, noises get neutralized and do not deliver to the other end of the caller.

Not Enough Connectivity Range

The wireless connections are thought to be poor. People think that they cannot provide a stable connection to the users. But this is not the case in this scenario. The headphones come with a good range of connectivity. This means that it is quite easy to use them during walking within a certain limit of the range.

Vxi Bluetooth Headsets

On average, these headsets provide approximately 30 feet of rang within which one cannot get disconnected. This way, employees can easily talk to their clients while walking in their office spaces and doing multitasking. The multi-tasking does not get limited by these headsets. With these features, headsets succeed in providing comfort to the users.

Final Words

The VXI Bluetooth headsets are one of the best options when it comes to purchasing reliable headphones. They have amazing features and functions that help in increasing the productivity of the users. They come at a range of pricing rates, so everyone can afford them. If you want to get these headsets at discounted pricing rate, then you can visit FindHeadSets online. It is a trustworthy website that sells high-quality headphones.