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8 Ways to Give your Product Unique and Luxury Look by Using Custom Product Boxes

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It is all about the use of packaging that sometimes quality product remains unnoticed while the ordinary products create much hype. Well, it all depends on the factor of how creatively a brand is using its custom product boxes. Modern technologies have made it much easier for firms to design packaging solutions in such a manner that could motivate buyers for purchases. It is made possible by adding a luxurious touch to give the buyers a royal feel. A complete guide is given below, including some exciting ways to give products a unique and luxurious look by using customized packaging.

Understand your Customer’s Nature

Taking some steps on their own without considering the mood of targeted customers and expecting they would get impressed is a serious blunder. Uniqueness and luxury in the custom packaging boxes will only inspire the customers in the case when it is according to their taste of likeness. Hence, considering the nature of the targeted audience is necessary to get the best results. For example, adult men, women, and kids have different choices depending on their likeness. Using all the design elements according to the likeness of the targeted customers will provide more satisfactory results.

Use Engaging Cardboard Inserts

Use of the inserts inside packaging is another way to raise the aesthetics of products. These insert are of different types and are crafted engagingly. They usually are crafted with the place inside them that can perfectly hold the items inside them. The use of foam and cardboard-made insets is more common in this regard. The use of cardboard inserts is prevailing nowadays as they are made of the same packaging material. It does not add any further costs in the production process to raise the budget higher. Moreover, cardboard has sustainable traits that inspire nature-loving consumers. The use of foam inserts is more common among perfume and jewelry brands.

Use Silk Fabrics for Luxury

Some items do have so much emotional value connected with them that they require some royal attention. Perfumes, apparel, and some other fashion items specifically fall under this category. The use of silk or satin fabric inside the custom packaging boxes is such a method that can add huge value to such products. You can wrap these mentioned products inside creatively or can use this fabric beneath the products. The use of tissue with the logo also adds similar value. People looking to gift for someone especially prefer so nicely presented products.

Increase Shelf Impact with Colors

Colors have deep psychology of influence over people of every age group and gender. So, always make a selection of the colors on the basis of products shelf impact. You can get prior feedback from people about colors. Moreover, there are some technologies like virtual reality that are effective in visualizing the real-time scenario with the same environment. Choose moderate colors that are neither too pale nor too bright. Moreover, limit the use of multiple colors and keep it limited to up to two colors. Black and white colors are considered a real sign of luxury so consider using them creatively for typography and for background.

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Expose Items from Window Panes

Items from all brands are almost the same with a mild difference of color or other such factors with little improvement. The only major difference that makes them distinctive from others is their method of presentation. It makes them unique and adds luxury. The use of features like the insertion of the window is such a feature that raises the aesthetics of items. Products become so visible because of this technique that there is no need to take them out for inquiries about their quality or other aspects.

Use Unboxing as a Key Factor

Uniqueness is all about inspiring people in a way that they could become ready for the purchases without giving any second thought. Unboxing of the products is a phenomenon that makes people think that they have spent money on something worth having. Custom packaging boxes with unboxing methods like top flipped has become obsolete now. It does not create an impact on the customers. Rather prefer using a box with the hinged lid that closes with a magnet. A box with a separate removable lid is also an amazing technique. Adding some bows and ribbons will appeal to customers more for a memorable experience.

Hot Foil Technique for Value Addition

There are some additions that are made over the packaging outside, but they enhance the value of inside products. The use of the hot foil stamping technique is such a strategy that makes a valuable addition to the products sheathed inside the box. Brands can print the inevitable information like brand or product name along with logo using this technique. This hot foil stamping can be use in silver or gold shades, but gold is prefer more because of its beauty.

Use Dividers for Multiple Units

It is possible that a brand is selling more than one similar unit of a product in a single box because of the increasing demand. Maintaining the presentation is essential while using a single box of multiple items of the same genre. You can opt for the cardboard dividers among the custom packaging boxes. These dividers will maintain the presentation of products by keeping them in a fix position. Along with adding value to the products, this technique will also keep the items secure inside.

All these exciting ways are practically experiment with and are in the practices of several brands. These creative tactics are quite useful for the purpose of making products unique, luxurious, and standout. All these list strategies also do not cost that much higher but give their full to attract maximum customers in a retail store.