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Understanding Test Plan Documents & How to Create them

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Have you ever wondered how the basic tasks in your apps like Facebook or Instagram work, like the log-in function, forget password function, going to different sections, like home, reels, settings, etc? These are all small tasks which are developed by the developers and tested using manual or automated test plan software so that they work accurately.

What are Test Plan Documents?

A test plan document is basically a document where, the goal of the project, its test estimations, test approach, test strategy, resources required to conduct testing, scheduling of the testing activities and maintaining deadlines are mentioned. If you call a test plan document a ‘blueprint’, it will be not wrong. Since test plan documents are blueprints for operating the tests that will be required for ensuring the smooth and satisfactory functioning of the software. Further, let’s discuss how to create a test plan document.

How do you Create a Test Plan Document?

The test plan document is a very crucial task and needs a proper list of points to focus on before making the test plan. Let’s discuss some points on how you can create a test plan without any errors.

Learning About the Software

Before starting the planning test process, you need to learn everything possible about your project. It’s important to understand who will be the users of your project and what is its intended purpose. Only after obtaining such information, you can make a test plan suitable for the testing of the project.

Defining the Scope for Testing

There is no point in creating a test plan document that is longer than the software itself. Right? Establishing what functions and tasks are to be checked exactly during the testing process is the first and foremost priority.

Creating Test Cases

A test case is actually a document that includes the steps that are necessary for the testing of the software. You can not create a test plan without creating test cases.

Developing a Test Strategy

A test strategy basically refers to how you are going to implement the testing. It means that all your testing team needs to be working as a whole, on the same strategy, and know what has to be done at any given time.

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Defining the Objectives of Testing

Test objectives safeguard that every step taken is necessary in regard to making sure that software is secure and valuable for its users. You can understand this as, every test objective is linked to a test case, like performing exploratory tests, testing known features, and assuring the stability of the software for the life cycle.

Choose the Accurate Testing Tools

For creating an accurate test plan document, you need to keep many things in focus like choosing the accurate resources. Deciding on the right testing tool which can be software-based or a physical resource like testing machines depending on the requirements and objectives of testing is important.

Finding Bugs on an Early Level

Finding bugs and errors is one of the key focuses while creating a test plan. Bug-fixing sessions can be time-consuming and draining at the same time so spare some time for finding bugs in the early phase. This will help you discover the problems early which might become too problematic and time-consuming to fix later.

Planning your Testing Environment

The test environment in a test plan includes information like where the testing has to take place. For example, platforms supported by the software, size requirements for the server & software, and testing hardware for the product testing, etc.

The Key Point to Remember

While creating a test plan document, make sure it is

  • Accurate
  • Flexible
  • Organized
  • Concise
  • Readable


In the former sections of the article, we discussed what is a test plan document and points to focus on while creating a test plan document. We hope that you have understood everything circling test plan documents by now. If you have any suggestions to make or any further queries, drop a comment below in the comment section.