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Uber Like Taxi App Development: All you Need to know about its Cost and Development Phases

uber like a taxi app

People with mediocre salaries and constant pay rates at jobs, find it difficult to own a private vehicle. Their expenses are at par with the wages they receive. This is where local traveling apps like Uber come into play. Also, people in cosmopolitan cities do not prefer possessing personal vehicles due to busy traffic and also lack of parking space.

This in turn makes a huge demand for Taxi Apps like Uber. A lot of companies like Uber are emerging to give competition to Uber. Also, the concept of sharing rides is becoming much more cost-effective to a regular user of Uber. Learn more about taxi booking software open source.

These companies have received huge success in the past years, and if you plan to run a company of such sort, follow this article to know detailed information about the approach, features, cost, and the development phases of the company.

Workflow of Uber

If you plan to build and run a taxi development app like Uber, you need to know how the app works:

Step 1

The first and foremost step is to send a request. Once you have entered your pick-up as well as the desired drop-off location, a request is sent to the nearby driver.

Step 2

Next, it is on the driver to accept or reject your request. In case, the request gets canceled by one driver, the same request is sent to the other nearby drivers.

Step 3

Then the driver arrives at your location and the ride begins. An estimated drop-off time is shown and live tracking of the roads to your location goes on simultaneously.

Step 4

Once you’ve reached your location, it is time for the payment. The safest payment methods are provided to the users to process their payment in the app.

Step 5

The next step involves reviews and ratings. You can rate the ride and accordingly review the driver on the app.

Features that Help in Deciding the Cost of App Development

The cost of app development is based on the functionalities and the customizations one desires. Here are a few listed features that can help in determining the cost of an Uber-like Taxi App:

Route Optimization and Geo Location

This is one of the major features that is considered while building the taxi development app. GPS technology is the basic requirement to track any location. This is important for the drivers to track the location of the users and reach them easily. This will also help you predict the roads and the distance to drop off.


The foremost step involves the completion of the registration process. You can collect your basic information from here. You can easily register yourself through email, phone number, or any of your available social media like Facebook or Instagram.

Fare Calculator

This is another major feature required in the development of a Taxi like App. During the time of booking, the user already gets an idea about the estimated amount to be paid. This is an important factor in the success of such apps. The price of the ride is also decided by the type of service and the vehicle used.

The cost of the ride is decided on the base fare, the cost per minute, the cost per mile, the type of vehicle, etc. The estimated climate conditions and the traffic in the area can also be predicted by such apps.

Payment Integration

These apps provide a wide variety of scope and hence distinct payment methods like UPI, PayPal, cash on delivery, etc have been embedded in this to carry out the transaction process smoothly and conveniently.

Advance Ride Booking

Booking rides in schedle can help people to plan their trips more accurately and precisely. This feature may take 3 to 6 weeks in the development process as it is also a crucial stage for fellow developers.

man person using the samrtphone


Notifications play a very significant role in the smooth running of any app. They tend to provide their users with the best available offers and discounts from time to time. Also, in an app like Uber, it is the medium of communication from the users to the drivers and vice-versa. The notifications help in determining the route and also the pathway. The app continues to communicate to the users via notifications.

UI/UX Design

The UI/UX design or the interface that is exposed to the users is of great significance. The selection of vibrant colors and themes that gives the utmost clarity is necessary. It is a basic method to attract users.

Factors that Influence the Cost of Uber-Like Taxi App Development

There are some factors that have a direct impact on determining the costing procedures. Let us quickly have a glance at some of the factors:

App Features

The features you decide to implement in your app have a direct impact on the cost. There are two types of features: Basic Features and Advanced Features. Needless to say, embedding more advanced features will help to gather plentiful traffic. The more attractive the features, the more is the crowd and hence the more is the generated revenues.

Business Model

The basic business model of the company also affects the cost in various distinct ways. If someone owning a taxi business tries to upgrade it with an app, the cost of it will be different than someone who is planning to have a start-up in the same field.

App Platform

The app platform on which you wish to start your platform also affects the cost of Uber-like Taxi App Development. If someone wishes to start the app on a larger basis, they can launch the app on android as well as iOS, while someone with a low budget may start the app for only the Android version.

Technology Stacks

Now, there are two types of apps, based on architecture, programming language, and various other aspects. One is the native app and the other is the hybrid app. The native app seems much more reasonable than the hybrid app.