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Treat Hepatitis B From The Best Hepatitis Specialist

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Are you getting aches in the joints or muscles? Don’t you feel hungry? Is your urine brown in colour? If the answers are positive, then you are probably suffering from hepatitis B. Hepatitis is basically caused by a virus which can affect people of all age groups. Not only in India, but also hepatitis B affects people who stay abroad. It is the liver which gets affected by the virus which further leads to serious health disorders such as damage in the liver. In certain cases, death of a person takes place due to hepatitis b.

Your liver gets infected severely and gets inflamed in hepatitis b. Swelling and redness in colour happen in  hepatitis b. If not treated at the right time, hepatitis b can result in serious liver damage. Hepatitis B is also called Hep B or HBV which can cause scarring in liver or liver cancer. Many people do not come to know about hepatitis b at the initial stage. When people start getting symptoms and get checked from their doctors, then they come to know that they got affected by hepatitis b. If you are suffering from hepatitis b disease, then you should get treated from the best Hepatitis b specialist doctor of the acclaimed multispeciality hospital.

Types Of Hepatitis B

There are mainly two types of hepatitis b infection. You can either be affected by acute hepatitis b infection or by chronic hepatitis b infection. In the chronic hepatitis b infection, you will not be able to come out of their disease in six months. This infection may stay in your body for more than six months.

There will be inflammation in the stomach, resulting in fatal liver cirrhosis or liver cancer. Getting treated from the chronic hepatitis b infection at the early stage can increase the chances of your survival. In the acute hepatitis b infection, you will get infected with the virus in the beginning. There are many people who cannot get rid of the infection in the early stages.

What are the symptoms of hepatitis B?

It has been noticed that there are a few people who do not feel sick after getting infected by a virus. Other people who are infected for the first time, they get symptoms which last for several weeks. Symptoms could be minor or intense, depending on the body of a human being. Symptoms include stomach pain, achy joints or muscles, loose stool, mild fever, constipation, feeling lethargic, stomach sickness, yellow skin or eyes and brown urine. How does the virus spread?

People can get infected with hepatitis b through the bodily fluids of an infected person, exposure to semen and blood. If you have unprotected sex with an infected person who has hepatitis b, then you are at a high risk of catching the virus. Sharing items such as toothbrush, nail clipper and regards with the infected hepatitis b person can make you also infected with the same disease.

Do not overlook the symptoms of hepatitis b. As soon as you notice the symptoms, get hepatitis b treated from the well-known hepatitis specialist of the renowned hepatitis hospital.