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Top Podiatry EMRs for 2021

Podiatry EMR

If you are currently setting up your podiatry practice then you are probably wondering which EHR you should invest in. Most state law mandates the use of an EHR software and this is why employing. One in your practice is so important. However, this does not mean you should go for any old EHR software you can get your hands on. No, you should only invest in the best.

This is why we have made a list of the top podiatry EMR for you to choose from. In this list we will tell you about various EHR software. Which would be a perfect fit for any podiatry practice across the country. From RXNT to Kareo EHR; we will help you get the right match for you and your medical practice! Keep reading to learn more.

Top Podiatry EMR for 2021


The first software on our list for top podiatry EMR for 2021 happens to be RXNT. This software has a low price point which is what makes it so popular. As it starts from just $65 for the lowest tier. The software also has a plethora of wonderful features which help you in running your medical practice. The feature we want to talk about is the claims feature. That allows you to file claims for your patients very quickly. The feature has automated processes which allow you to simplify the claim filing process. And also allows for less room for errors. Which not only ensures. That your claims will be approved. But also allows for them to be approved at a much quicker pace!


The next software on our podiatry EMR list is AthenaOne which has several great features. The scheduling feature in AthenaOne is one which is often talked about in reviews. A lot of users appreciate what the software can do for you in terms of scheduling. You are able to schedule as many patient appointments in a day as possible. Which helps you optimize your daily performance. This feature allows you to see as many patients in a day. As you can so that your schedule is optimized as much as it possibly can be!


AllegianceMD makes it on to our list because of its wonderful telemedicine feature. That allows physicians to remotely see their patients through video conferencing calls. This feature has gained a lot of popularity in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. As patients were not able to physically come for their appointments due to social distancing protocols.

telemedicine feature

The e-prescription feature in this software also allows you to simplify things. This feature allows you to virtually make prescriptions for your patients. So they can pick them up easily from whatever pharmacy is most convenient for them!


AdvancedMD is another great software we feel like we should mention. In our top podiatry EMR Software list because of its centralized dashboard feature. This feature allows you to navigate through the various features in the software in no time at all!

The software also has a wonderful template option that allows you to choose from various options. And even make further customizations to these software if you think they still do not suit your needs.


The final EMR in our podiatry EMR list is Kareo EHR. The e-prescription feature in this software helps you to safely prescribe medication. As it alerts you about any unwanted drug interactions which might occur.

The software also allows patients to access a patient portal which lets them have an active role in their treatment. This feature allows your patients to schedule their own appointments, look at their upcoming appointments and much more. All of this allows them to be in control of their treatment. With you which increases the likelihood of their satisfaction with your services.

Which Podiatry EMR you should Invest in

Now if you are confused about which software you should invest. In from the ones we have mentioned above then don’t be. We will also help you come to your own conclusion about the software.

The first thing we recommend is reading as many reviews for the software. We have talked about above as you can to get a decent idea. Of what current users of this software think of it. We also recommend reaching out to the vendor. And asking them for a demo of the software to see whether it suits your needs.

Hopefully, by following these steps and armed with the knowledge. We have given you above, you will be able to find the perfect podiatry EMR Software for yourself!

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