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Top CureMD EHR Competitors

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Most state laws mandate the use of EHR software in a medical practice. Chances are you already have an EHR software employed at your practice and are just not happy with it. In case the software in question happens to be CureMD EMR and you are one of the contributors to unsatisfactory CureMD reviews then perhaps we can help you This is why we recommend reading our piece since we give you alternatives to CureMD which might suit you and your practice’s needs much better.

If this is something you would be interested to know about then keep reading because we are going to outline several popular EHR software which can easily outperform CureMD; from AllegianceMD to PrognoCIS EHR. Read the descriptions of the several software you can consider below.


AllegianceMD is a great EHR software option due to the myriad of wonderful features within it. This software has a charting feature which helps you chart patient data in no time at all. What previously might have taken you half of a patient appointment will take less than half the time with this software option. The templates in this software help you achieve this since they allow for faster charting due to a well organized format which helps you enter data systematically and much more easily than you were able to before.

The e-prescription feature in AllegianceMD helps make prescriptions simpler because you can directly send them to the pharmacy that is most convenient for you patient to visit which helps you reduce the time it takes between making a prescription and a patient starting to take it. This feature also warns you about harmful drug interactions you should know about and be weary of to avoid any issues!


Then we have AdvancedMD EHR software which has a lot of features that will help you make things easier for yourself and your patients. The software comes with a telemedicine feature, something CureMD reviews say the software is lacking from. The telemedicine feature helps you not only see current patients virtually if they are unable to come in but also allows you to see patients who would otherwise have been unable to come to your practice either because of geographical locations or any other reason.

The centralized dashboard feature in AdvancedMD helps you to get used to the software in the least amount of time possible. This feature also helps you to switch through features within the software very easily which allows you to bring more efficiency to your processes.


PrognoCIS EHR is another famous EHR software for many reasons. The revenue cycle management features within this software are incredibly helpful and great at what they do. This feature helps you to forecast your financial projections, look at your income, figure out your expenses and much more. All in all, this feature helps you to manage your finances much better than before which is very important for a medical practice since at the end of the day one of the goals for your practice is to raise revenue as much as it can.

PrognoCIS EHR 

The software also has a charge capture feature which solves another problem related to your finances. Instead of perhaps accidentally charging your patients several times for the same visit, you are able to get rid of this issue. With this software, you are able to automatically charge them once so that it does not happen again.

EpicCare EHR Features

Epic is one of the biggest EHR software in the market. The first feature for Epic EMR we want to discuss is the telemedicine feature which again is great unlike the one in CureMD according to several CureMD reviews. This software has a video conferencing feature which lets you talk to your patient virtually and also add other experts and consultants to the online appointment if you have to as well. This helps you get better medical related advice!

The patient portal feature in Epic is also wonderful. This is because the feature helps you reduce the number of tasks on your plate. The software allows patients to set their own appointments, look at educational resources and much more with this EHR software. This allows you to relax since neither you nor the staff working with you have to worry about clerical things such as scheduling appointments anymore!

Which Software you Should Invest in

Now that we have talked in length about the softwares in this list you are probably wondering which one you should choose. While we cannot decide which of these EHR will be right for you, perhaps we can help you come to your own conclusion.

Such as reading reviews, for instance if you read CureMD EMR reviews you will know the software is liked by a lot of users but there are also some who are not too happy with it. Reading reviews for any software gives you an idea of what it is like and whether you should opt for it.

And finally, we suggest asking the vendor for the software for a demo since that is usually the best way to get to know about the software. This will help you figure out which software is right for you since seeing a software in action is much better than merely reading about it.