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Top 8 Pink Color Flowers that will Increase the Beauty of your Garden

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If you are looking for colorful flowers, try other pink flowers. Pink flowers are complementary to bouquets, table arrangements, wedding decorations, and other floral arrangements. Pink exudes joy, kindness, and playfulness. It is a multi-purpose love color, very suitable for weddings and other festive occasions.

In this list, we have included more than 8 different types of flowers, so you can find pink flowers and inspire your next flower arrangement. We will tell you the time when the flowers bloom. So let’s go through this complete list:

Butterfly Bush Pink Delight

This lush flower is named for its ability to attract butterflies like magnets. They are very easy to care for and quickly grow into medium to large shrubs with small pink flowers. Although the most common are lavender and purple, the pink butterfly bushes are amazing.


Since chrysanthemum has the ability to bloom in autumn (sometimes even early winter), it is very popular in autumn and winter activities. They originated in China and are representative of more than 40 different species. Some people say that they also have medicinal properties that can relieve pain and pain. Throat and help digestive system diseases.


Hyacinths are native to the Mediterranean and bloom during the Victorian era. In order for them to bloom in the spring, you need to plant hyacinth bulbs in the fall. Work with gloves. If you want this flowering plant you can get this by flower delivery in Patna.

Cherry Blossoms

These famous Japanese flowers were first brought to the United States in 1912 to show good international relations. When cherry trees bloom (usually in April), their branches are filled with sweet iridescent pink flowers. Cherry blossoms are just amazing flowers. Flower delivery in Hyderabad is one of the best options to order Cherry Blossoms.

cherry blossom

Angel’s Trumpet

Although the white version is widely known, this evergreen deciduous shrub also has other colors, including pink and yellow. The pink trumpet of the angel is painted with a light salmon powder on the end of its flower. Add some light and it will almost rust. These subtropical and tropical plants are considered annuals in the north. The flowering time depends on the conditions. And in early autumn in warm areas, the flowering time is much longer.

Million Bells

A million bells are the warm season of perennials, growing every year in most areas. These plants are very similar to petunia, but the flowers are smaller. The flowers come in many colors, including light pink and dark pink. Millions of bells can also be effectively used in flower pots and hanging baskets. Millions of bells can also be planted in rock gardens or tall flower beds so that they can be fully deployed on the side.


Mandeville is a perennial tropical vine, which usually grows annually in northern climates, potted in cold times every fall, and replanted every spring. In warm climates, they breed in fences and trellis-like garden climbers and grow from 10 to 15 feet in length. Or, plant Mandevilla in containers to bring them indoors before frost.

Cut them out so they are only about 6 inches tall, and store them in a cool corner of the basement (approximately 55 degrees Fahrenheit). During this time, please lightly water the Mandeville vines. When the weather is good, bring the vines of Mandeville back to your garden. Its pink flowers are too elegant. We can deliver Mandevilla at your doorstep by and order flower delivery in chandigarh online in your city.

Rose Campion

Campion is a perennial shrub with dense silver-gray leaves that is equally attractive compared to the purple-pink flowers that appear in late spring and early summer. It stays two years because it is as short-lived as a perennial. Campion Rose is usually used for mixed perennial borders and also looks great in a mass planting. The silver leaves cut after flowering become attractive.

We have seen plants with pink flowers you must plant at your home. After going through this list you can choose with us the pink color flower plant that you want to be grown at your home. Flowers make our life colorful. We recommend you must have these beautiful plants at your home. Try these flower plants with us and accomplish something.