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Top 6 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Live Streaming an Event

Live Streaming

Whatever the goal of live streaming, there ought to accomplish one thing which is to be great. There are hundreds of billions of hours of live video content available.

If you want your on-demand live streaming to be successful, you’ll need to ensure that it’s high-quality and of the highest quality. The most effective place to start? Beware of the common mistakes that come with live streaming. In this blog, we will be discussing live streaming & its benefits along with some common mistakes which can be easily avoided when live streaming an event.

Live Streaming: Everything you Need to know about 2022

Live streaming is attractive to youngsters and children, especially primary-aged children. It offers them the chance to create a presenter who can be heard and seen by the audience, and also to be connected with their favourite celebrities or creators of content.

Most of the Best live streaming Services provide the service of being in the moment and engaging with friends, family, or even a worldwide audience. From birthday wishes to family members to an informative Q&A or talent show There are endless possibilities to broadcast important, fun, and exciting moments live.

Live streaming technology lets you stream videos, and make and share them in real time. It’s a little like live television. All you require to be capable of live streaming is an internet-connected device such as a smartphone or tablet or an appropriate platform (such as an app or website) that you can live stream on. Popular live streaming applications comprise Facebook Live streaming, Instagram Live streaming, etc.

Benefits of Live Streaming an Event

Create more Real Opportunities to Engage

  • Although there is a place for video-on-demand in your advertising, the people who follow your brand also appreciate their authenticity when broadcast live. Presenters are more authentic, mistakes do happen and there’s a chance to get immediate feedback.
  • Furthermore, through live chat or Q&A discussions, it is possible to humanize your brand, and customers become more involved in the conversations.
  • Children and youngsters love receiving praise and attention and self-expression are essential for growth. Being able to share something and getting positive feedback from other people can give them confidence boosters and help build their self-esteem.
  • Live streaming can also allow youngsters and children to meet people who share similar interests, and views and who are experiencing similar things. This may help youngsters feel less lonely.

Create an Image of Credibility, thought Leadership, and Trust in the Industry

  • Live, regular broadcasts to the decision-makers give you publicity and allow you to gain credibility in your industry.
  • If your company’s subject matter experts provide innovative solutions to the issues that impact your field, you’ll add credibility to your business, boost customers to your website and establish meaningful connections with your clients.

Make your Event more Accessible beyond the Boundaries of In-Person Attendance

  • Virtual streaming events remove geographical limitations so that you can extend your reach beyond the boundaries of your city.
  • You can reach a worldwide audience without a lot of travel which will save both your customers and your time and money.

Repurpose Content

  • A majority of people need to hear information several times before they can absorb the information. Therefore, you should share videos on social media, in routine emails, or in your sales pitches.
  • You could also use your videos as a base to develop new content for ebooks, blogs as well as infographics.
  • Linkedin live streaming is the best platform to repurpose your content and thus increase the life of your content.

Six Common Mistakes to Avoid when Live-streaming an Event

The Wrong Topic for your Audience

  • One of the most common mistakes to avoid while doing live streaming is choosing an area that your viewers aren’t interested in.
  • To attract viewers and keep their attention, it is essential that the live stream you create is entertaining to them or addresses an issue. Unfortunately, many companies commit the error of creating live streams that are too self-promotional.
  • Instead, make sure that you Livestream with topics that will benefit your viewers. If you live-stream your business directly, make sure to be genuine and informative instead of unabashedly self-promotional.

Insufficiently Organizing Your Resources Prior to Time

  • Based on the content you’re discussing in your live stream you might want to use diverse sources.
  • Perhaps you’d like to slide into some illustrations. Perhaps you have footage you’d like to incorporate. Charts, graphs, and diagrams can be useful for certain kinds of presentations.

Streaming Poor Quality Video and Audio

  • Another major mistake to avoid is streaming low-quality audio or video.
  • The bar for live streaming is increasing and viewers aren’t prepared to watch slow buffering, poor image quality, or shaky audio.
  • If you’re skeptical the research suggests that viewers abandon a poor-quality live stream within 90 seconds or less.

Not Making it an Interactive Event

  • One reason live streams are so popular is that they are more engaging as compared to VOD content. Think of a documentary on your favourite thought leader as opposed to a live-streamed conversation with them.
  • Live streaming is where you are able to view live in real-time In some instances there may be a chat room in which viewers can ask questions.

Under-Promoting your Live-Stream

  • Because they take place in real-time and in real-time, advertising live stream events ahead of time are essential. No matter how large your viewership is, if one is aware of the live stream, what are they likely to tune in to?
  • To make sure that you don’t miss out on views due to not promoting enough Start early and stay ongoing. You can advertise the event via your social media pages, find sponsors to assist to promote it, and also broadcast it through an email newsletter.
  • To ensure that everyone is present To ensure attendance, be sure to remind people, especially when you are getting close to the time.

Not Harvesting the Live-Streaming Data

  • The last thing to do is not to forget to look over the information you receive through your stream.
  • Live-streaming analytics-based data like geo-locations and drop-off locations can provide unique insight into your viewers.


Live streaming can help brands reach out to their customers in new and creative ways. It’s an efficient and cost-effective method to improve your company’s marketing strategy and connect with prospects and maintain your existing customers.

Mostly, youtube live streaming is the first choice for most live streamers to engage with the live audience. It’s certainly not as easy as composing your content, then putting it on the internet and enjoying the benefits of live streaming. The live stream you create should be of high quality to draw your audience in and make the most impact on your company’s image. In order to create the perfect and captivating video, you’ll require the right equipment and tools.

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