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Top 5 Features that Make BlueEHR the Ideal Choice for you

BlueEHR Software

BlueEHR by ZH Healthcare offers an electronic health record and practice management solution for a variety of medical specialties, including ophthalmology, behavioral health, cardiology, radiology, dentistry, and general practitioners. This cloud-based system offers customizable features to let users set up the system in a way that proves most productive for them. It also offers pre-designed medical templates to suit various healthcare facilities and the patient portal that shows important data in one easily accessible place.

This platform allows users to build their own templates for treatment plans and initial visit paperwork. It supports Mac, Linux, and Windows operating systems. Key features of the solution include lab integration, documentation for the history of present illness (HPI), e-prescribing, patient portal, and more. Its patient portal enables healthcare practitioners to practice telemedicine, where they can efficiently conduct remote medical visits via software on a video conferencing platform.

Users who have tested BlueEHR Demo vouch for the fact that the solution comes with an integrated form builder that includes radio buttons, checkboxes, and text field designs. It allows clients to choose the order in which forms are completed to ensure that the system adapts to their existing workflows. In addition to that, the e-prescription feature allows clinicians to virtually make prescriptions and send them to whatever pharmacy is most convenient for their patients. It also warns patients about any unwanted drug interactions.

Here’s a list of the BlueEHR Software features that users find the most valuable and time-saving. Here is what they chose and why:

BlueEHR Key Features

Integrated Revenue Cycle Management BlueEHR

This platform gives users complete control over their revenue cycle management process. Clients can set workflows or processes to match how they operate. They can leverage rules incorporated within the system or build a specific rule for their practice, with a lot of ways to customize it. Since this EHR solution is an advanced healthcare solution, it supports integration with multiple vendors and clearinghouses.

On top of this, it supports patient billing, payment posting, invoicing, claim submission and denial management, accounts receivable management, claims to audit, and other elements like credentialing, provider enrollment, EDI enrollment, and analytics to track the entire RCM process. According to BlueEHR Reviews, their support team is available 24/7 to help users with updates and queries regarding the process.

Business Analytics

It offers powerful business analytics tools to help practices ensure a smarter approach to productivity, marketing, coding, and revenue collection. It has the ability to run business intelligence on data to provide medical facilities powerful insights to stay competitive, relevant, and prepared. The blue HIT Platform (HITaaS) enables healthcare organizations. HITaaS enables them to run their Analytics by allowing customers to extract their data using APIs from their cloud databases.


Users who need more flexibility can also request full access to their replicated database. This access is coupled with detailed data dictionaries. Another way for users to access their data is by downloading a SQL dump of the database at their ease.

Adaptive Workflows BlueEHR

The affordable BlueEHR Pricing package also includes the customization of the charts and workflows. It allows users to personalize the software to suit their own needs. With the custom forms builder and workflow management system, they can even personalize to the individual physician or user. It also provides a drag and drops functionality using the custom rules engine for clinical workflows, letting users simply document visits and chart as they want, in a way it happens in their medical facility.

Patient Portal BlueEHR

The vendor provides one of the industry’s leading interoperable patient portals. Physicians and their patients can choose to integrate this portal. And, They choose with any EHR system to share records and view medical history. BlueEHR Reviews confirm it to be one of the most revolutionary patient engagement tools.

It allows patients to gain a longitudinal view of their health records and medical history. They can also view their visits and discharge summaries. And also view their refill prescriptions, review test results, message a healthcare provider, pull CCDs, coordinate care, and integrate with wearable health technology.

Lab Integration

ZH Healthcare offers integrated lab interface services. This functionality is available for the community version of OpenEMR as a monthly subscription. It supports enough interoperability to provide bi-directional capabilities to integrate lab orders and results directly into the patient record.

The interoperable lab interface saves physicians time and money by reducing the number of unpaid orders and simplifying workflows. Users who evaluated the BlueEHR Demo point out that this functionality ensures the timeliness of lab results. And, reduction of manual entry errors to improve clinical and operational quality. The integration and interoperability of structured lab result data also help clinicians to meet the criteria for Meaningful Use. Moreover, patients can faster lab results and share them across providers using the ZH Patient Portal.

Final Thoughts About BlueEHR

BlueEHR offers an integrated and customizable Electronic Health Solution (EHS) to accommodate any specialty practice needs. It features a telemedicine-powered patient portal along with built-in practice management, laboratory, and e-prescription interfaces. Customer reviews for the product confirm. That it is a “customizable on the cloud” solution that comes with a modular structure to offer quality services to specialty medical providers. We suggest you contact the vendor for any clarifications. And, also request them for a demo version. Because to find out whether this software would cater to your needs. And, Once you have seen it in action rather than just reading about the features.