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Top 5 Benefits of Sending Transactional SMS



Technology is leading the world nowadays. With the latest technologies come the latest strategies of the business. Here, we shall discuss the bulk SMS marketing strategies. It’s one of the best ways to market your business and reach out to clients. 

In terms of SMS marketing, you should also know about transactional SMS services. These services can assist you in providing better customer service, which can increase your customer’s satisfaction and retention. 

Unlike promotional SMS, which uses business advertising, transactional SMS informs customers about particular things through notifications, alerts, and reminders. It’s like a trigger that takes place after a client behaves or replies in a particular way. 

For example, buying a product from your website requires personal messages shared through a bulk message sender without any hassle.

What is a Transactional SMS?

A transactional SMS refers to an automated SMS that you can send to your customer after performing a particular action. Usually, it allows them to get information and enhance your customer relationship. 

An example of such SMS can be when a customer purchases something from you, and you give a receipt in response and greet them with thanks for buying messages. 

Benefits of transactional SMS:

The most important benefits of transactional SMS services include:

  • Impressive reach: When it comes to transactional SMS, you can send it to any customer even if they have the DND (Do Not Disturb) enabled. It’s because they are the ones who initiate the conversation first by performing a certain action. 

If they subscribe to you, purchase from you, or ask queries. Then your transactional SMS can reach them. Hence, this type of SMS comes with high levels of customer reach. 

  • Integrated with triggered behaviors: You can integrate the transactional SMS with other websites or software to automatically send it to your customer as per their behavior. 

For example, when customers pay a bill through a website, they can get a conformational SMS from you directly through transactional SMS. You can also take help from a bulk message sender for doing this.

  • High open rate: Transactional SMS is one of the best bulk SMS marketing methods with the highest open rates. Surveys show that these messages have a 98% open rate which is beneficial for your business. 

Customers like it when they receive service-based messages. However, not every time would they like your advertisement messages; hence these messages are crucial.

  • Rapid reach: As transactional SMS comes with high opening rates, it’s good for your business. The main thing is that the customers can benefit from it as they get valuable information from your side. 

It allows them to understand that you are replying to their actions and that you care but provide good services. Finally, it allows you to communicate in real-time with your customers.

  • Bulk messaging: You can get professional assistance and bulk messaging features when it comes to transactional messages. You don’t have to send it to the customers one by one. 

You can now respond to several customers at once. If you send bulk messages to the customers, you can cover more of them quickly.


There are several steps to ensure before you get transactional SMS services for your business. First, you have to check how the bulk message sender can help you. 
You should also check the bulk SMS marketing strategies that you want to add and act accordingly. Transactional SMS comes with several benefits for your business that we have discussed above.