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Top 10 Tips for Car Rental Services

Car Rental Services

If you decide to rent a car from Top Car Rental Services, there are a few tips to keep in mind before and during the rental process.

Book the Car as far in Advance as Possible

This is an important tip, especially if you are renting in the high season. Book at least one or two weeks in advance to avoid the disappointment of missing a car. We also regularly offer special discounts and promotions for early bookers.

Do not Leave Valuables in the Rental Car

If you leave valuables in a Rental Car, you run the risk of having things broken into and stolen. Always keep your vehicle documents with you.

Please Provide as much Information as Possible when Booking

If you are booking a car online or by phone, leave as much information as possible, such as flight number (in case of possible delays), exact address or hotel name, and a mobile phone number available at the time of rental.

Don’t Forget to Pay a Deposit when you Rent the Car

Like most Car Rental Services companies, we ask for a deposit. The deposit is between 200 and 500 euros, depending on the class of the car. The deposit will block on your credit card and release when you return the car.

Rental Contract

When booking, please remember to bring your credit card, driving license, and passport, which is needed to complete the rental agreement, pay the deposit and, if you wish, pay for the rental car.

Rental Contract

Plan your Trips outside London in Advance

If you are traveling abroad in a Car Rental Service, please inform us in advance. You will need to send us scanned copies of documents for a power of attorney and a green card for the car. Depending on the class of the vehicle and the country of travel,

Additional Fees Require

Additional fees require and the deposit will be doubled. In addition, travel to certain countries is not permitted.

Choose a Car that Suits your Needs

Don’t just look at the price, but also the interior space and boot size. This is especially important if you are traveling with more than 4 people and a lot of luggage. (Often, when booking a car for 7 people, people do not take into account that luggage space is considerably limited in a minivan with folding seats, for example. The same applies to Mini’s (e.g. FordKa) which book because of their low price. You can see the full specifications of all vehicles offered here.

Don’t Forget to Fill up the Car before you Return

Our company policy is to provide a car with a full tank of fuel when you return then you have to give full tank. We advise you to use a petrol station close to the place of return of the car.

Just in Case of an Incident – Call us!

If you have an accident while renting a vehicle, call accident management solutions immediately. You should also call 999 to make a report. A report is also required so that you can be exempted from paying fines if you buy a Super Insurance product.

Respect the Traffic Regulations in London

Always obey the speed limit. Please note that there are speed cameras and mobile speed cameras in many areas. Park your car in a safe place. Do not park your car in prohibit areas, otherwise, you will be fine. Avoid class III roads and always pay attention to the traffic situation. Above all, treat your rental car as if it were your own. Make sure you avoid unnecessary stress and worry during your holiday.