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Things to know Before you go Horse Riding

Horse Riding

Horse riding is a very common and enjoyable activity for a lot of people. It is still considered a popular form of transportation in certain parts of the world. If you have ridden a horse before then you must already be aware of the process and risks involved. While it is something pleasant to do, horse riding is a skill that grows over time.

Being able to control the horse is possibly one of the most important skills to possess as this is the line between life and death. So, for those who have not ridden a horse and are considering trying it out there are somethings that you should know prior. Here are some tips to follow before you get on a horse.

Safety and Quick Reflexes

Getting on a horse requires a great deal of safety procedures. A helmet for starters is non-negotiable as it is the basic requirement that should be used while horse riding. Others can include knee and elbow pads in case of a fall with protective shoes for your feet.

This not only helps protect your legs in case of an emergency but also helps grip the saddle better. Until you are used to controlling the horse while it is on the move you should adhere to extra safety precautions. However, most riders do take their safety just as seriously even as professionals.

Invest in Proper Equipment

As mentioned earlier your safety gear should not be handled lightly. Therefore, investing in the right gear is highly recommended. You can find western saddles for sale from online e-commerce stores along with helmets, knee guards and other protective gear. Consult professionals from your riding school before you make your purchase to ensure you are getting high-quality equipment.


Get a Feel of the Horse

Each horse has its own characteristics and personality so if you are still learning it will take some time for you to get the feeling of being on each horse. However, if you do have one animal for yourself this is an ideal opportunity for you to not only get used to your horse but also get them used to you. You can learn their behaviours and how best to control them. Once you have been able to establish this, horse riding will be an enjoyable experience.

Get Comfortable

Before you feel confident to ride for long hours be sure to practice with a trainer with short distances first. This way you get used to the terrain and gain more confidence as you go. Once you feel like you are confident enough to take the horse out alone you may try out new terrains. The adjustments can take some time with tons of trial and error along the way. Controlling your horse in bad weather, new terrains and ensuring your protection should be on your list of priorities. Once you get used to horse riding it will become as natural as driving a car.