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The Ultimate Guide to PSD to Magento Conversion

PSD to Magento Conversion

Magento is one excellent and efficient eCommerce platform available for online business. Thus, many advance online businesses are sailing through the process of PSD to Magento conversion for developing their cost-effective and customized business website.

Despite the offered efficiency, the journey of conversion is difficult for many. Here is the required detailed information for a smooth conversion from PSD to Magento.

What is PSD to Magento Conversion?

In simple words, the PSD to Magento conversion is the process to enable the developers to convert their Photoshop files into dynamic, efficient, and attractive Magento themes using high-quality codes.

This conversion is suitable for all types of businesses and, thus, is quite popular.

The Checklist to follow

Follow the right approach and strategy when planning for the conversion. Here is the checklist you need to convert from PSD to Magento without any hassles.

Images and Favicon

The conversion process cannot get complete without having the proper logos, images, and favicon. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the availability of required logos and favicons with the appropriate placeholder images.


If you plan to customize your site’s fonts, it is essential to store the font files.

Sliced PSD

Your Magento theme will use sliced PSD for every specific template.

The Important Things to Consider Before the Conversion

Many people make some common mistakes during the conversion process, which makes the conversion difficult. You should hire a Magento development company and keep the following things in mind:

  • Use incremental development model for the conversion. Also, you should avoid building and storing the different themes in different folders. This will make the conversion difficult.
  • Get enough and detailed knowledge of HTML before developing the website for your online business. Stick with the standard HTML markups for effective Magento development.
  • Gather the required knowledge of CSS to style your business website. HTML will allow you to create the website’s layout while getting the required style using CSS.
  • If you want to include jQuery in your Magento theme, you should do that before the prototyping step. Also, as jQuery is not a Magento part, you should have it beforehand.

What is the Approximate Cost of Converting PSD to Magento?

The cost of conversion is not fixed and can vary depending upon the various requirements and preferences of the companies. It can start from a few dollars and can reach to thousand dollars according to the following variations –

  • The requirements of your business’s web page
  • The involved complexity
  • The types of needed features, etc.

Besides these critical factors, the conversion cost can vary based on the different Magento development services chosen.


What are the Benefits Offered by this Conversion?

If you are still in a dilemma to choose PSD to Magento conversion, the following are the benefits that will surely attract you. Have a look:

Improved Quality of Coding

The most significant benefit of the conversion is the improved coding quality. The web developers hand codes all the required HTML markups while maintaining all the required standards.

Perfect Pixel Theme

The conversion also benefits by providing pixel-perfect themes for the business website. As soon as you convert, you can use the pixel-perfect theme to make your website attractive for multiple browsers and devices.

Speed Optimization

Do you know, most business websites do not succeed because of their high bouncy rate? If you too are struggling to control your website’s bouncy rate, you should strongly consider the conversion. The PSD to Magento conversion enhances the loading speed of the website by optimizing the codes.

SEO-Friendly Theme

SEO is an essential element for all online business websites, and the conversion is done while keeping this in mind. The conversion allows the developers to create SEO-friendly themes with standard complaint codes to improve the search engine ranking of the business website.


What are the technologies used for the conversion?

The conversion is done using the following technologies –

  • HTML
  • PHP
  • JavaScript

The Magento development company uses all these technologies to make a robust and efficient Magento theme to fulfill the businesses’ various needs, expectations, and requirements.

Is it possible to create mobile and SEO-friendly themes?

Yes, the conversion allows the creation of mobile and SEO-friendly themes for business websites.

To Conclude

Businesses are switching online. Thus, they need some extra boost to establish and mark their distinguished identity. The PSD to Magento conversion provides the required boost to the businesses in the least complicated way.

If you need a helping hand for the conversion, you can trust Pixlogix for the process. We have years of experience to understand, accomplish and fulfill varying expectations. You can also reach out to us for any doubts and queries about PSD to Magento conversion.