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The Kenwood NX-300 Provides the Following Benefits

Kenwood NX-300

Its built-in GPS and mixed digital/FM functionality, as well as its great durability, make the Kenwood NX1300 UHF NexEdge two-way radio a great choice. An extremely user-friendly radio that can fulfill any radio need, this unit is fully featured and designed to meet all radio needs.

Here are Six Reasons why Kenwood’s NX-300 is the Best Intercom System for Two Way Communication

Large Screen

There is no need for everyone to have a large screen on their two-way radio, but they do have many benefits. The large screen of this radio means it is a great choice for teams that need a large screen.

In comparison with the NX-320, the NX-300 has a much larger screen, which allows it to display twice as many characters. Through this technology, users can access more information simultaneously and complete tasks more effortlessly.

Customization Options Programmable

The NX-300 comes with a variety of programmable features so that you can customize it to suit your needs. Customized solutions are imperative for a wide range of working environments, scenarios, and conditions. Adapt the settings to suit your needs to make this device work for you.

Massive Internal Memory

The NX-300 has a large internal memory, allowing it to operate faster and with a higher capacity than other two-way radios. It can also process multiple channels and frequencies simultaneously.

Durability Matters

From accidental drops to unexpected calamities, two-way radios must be able to withstand everything that can happen on the job. A typical smartphone, therefore, could not function – it would be too fragile. Notwithstanding the fact that not all two-way radios are made to the same standard, the NX-300 is one of the tougher two-way radios available. It has an impressive level of durability.


NX-300 can be immersed in water and sprayed with dirt without being damaged. How about if it falls? There will be no damage. This makes it an ideal tool for a variety of industries, including marine applications and construction sites.

Clear & Crisp Audio

Stop saying “what?“what?“what? over and over again. Nothing is more important in the field than being able to communicate clearly and convey messages on time. When audio quality is low or the signal is interrupted, errors and reduced productivity can occur quickly. Due to this, the quality of audio on two-way radios is very important, and the NX-300’s audio leaves a lot to be desired

Communication that is crisp and clear when you need it most leaves nothing to be desired.

Built-in GPS

The radio comes with the option of adding a GPS device, which allows you to track your team at all times.

NX-300 Specs

  • There are twice as many characters on the screen (larger than the NX-320)
  • Customizable features – make it work the way you want it to
  • A common application is in the marine and construction industries
  • IP54/55 dust and water intrusion protection
  • Suitable for immersion (IP67)
  • LCD display with backlight
  • The ability to display in multiple languages
  • Calling features for emergency situations
  • Turning on/off the volume knob
  • Models that have a 12-key keypad
  • Two PF keys are located on the side
  • KMC-51/52 noise-cancelling digital speaker microphone