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The Hobbit: Why can’t Gandalf Read Thrór’s Map?

As clarified before, Gandalf, while on a survey in Dol Guldur, meets with a perishing smaller person (dwarf) in the dungeons. The smaller person set a map and a key into Gandalf’s care requesting that he hand them to his child. It was numerous years after the fact that Gandalf understood that he had been addressing Thrain II and that Thorin was his child.

J.R.R. Tolkien utilized a variety of somewhat English Saxon runes to form the Thor’s Map. The Tolkien Society has a fantastic examination pack identified with runes. The community also had the option to discover that this guide had bearings to a mystery entrance into Erebor. The guidelines were in Dwarf runes along the edge where the hand is. These runes mean “Th” “Th” and are Thror and Thrain’s initials.

In Chapter 3, as we found that, Elrond can find that the map contained moon letters which were rune letters that were just noticeable on the night when there was a moon of a similar shape and in a similar season as the night they were composed. The runes on the guide were composed on a midsummer’s eve when a sickle moon shone behind them. They were written in silver pen utilizing ithildin which was a subordinate of Mithril and was utilized by the dwarves to brighten entryways, pathways, and entries.

For what reason can’t Gandalf read Thrór’s Map himself? Elrond can, however, I thought Gandalf essentially has an authority of the dialects of Middle-Earth. I thought I’ve seen that Maiar has a type of instinctive capacity to comprehend the made dialects, particularly Gandalf as one of the Istari.

I trust Gandalf says that he can’t peruse the noticeable runes on the guide, which is the reason they went to Elrond. Also, indeed, Elrond reveals the moon runes too.


At the point when they find Glamdring, Orcrist, and Sting in the troll crowd, Gandalf brings and tells they may find out about them when they can peruse the runes. Be that as it may, for what reason wouldn’t he be able to peruse the runes?

We know Gandalf understands runes, both in Elvish and in Dwarvish, then why he can’t read the Thorin’s Map? Was it written in different dialects?

It doesn’t really say that Gandalf couldn’t peruse the letters, just that he didn’t peruse the moon-letters. Those Elrond found, and he needed to hold the map with a specific goal in mind to understand them. Neither Gandalf nor Thorin could see them, so they needed to inquire.

Elrond additionally gives an interpretation of the obvious runes, and that entry could be perused to suggest that the dwarves hadn’t read them, however, it could likewise be perused that Elrond was portraying the area of the moon-letters. In case, that is the proposed perusing, it’s a little bit stiff, but on the other hand, it’s a significant piece of work, and Tolkien may simply have been slipping it in there.

What’s stiffer is actually how the map-designer would have thought about the thumping thrush. There are bits of prediction and heavenly intercession hung all through The Hobbit, and to be sure through Tolkien’s work, by and large without a clarification of how the prescience happened and who was able to make such incident. It’s only something or other “everyone knows”. How did Thror think about the thrush? Hell, perhaps there’s only a thrush consistently there with a first light interest, and he recently tossed that in there for shading.

Basically, the maps that Gandalf was unable to peruse were those that had been covered up by enchantment under a full moon. He could have perused them if he had held up the guide himself, however, Elrond held up the guide to the moon and he held it up for Thorin to peruse for himself.