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The Coolest Mobile Accessories and Gadgets a Guide


Nowadays, we live in a world that is progressing rapidly. Especially in terms of technology and gadgets. This means that every year we keep getting new accessories and gadgets for our phones that enhance their functionality.

Besides that, developers are developing gadgets for no other reason other than how cool they would look in real life. Below, we list some of the coolest Mobile accessories. If you wanna buy them, you can or you can just read about them and think about how awesome new tech is

Foldable Phone Stand

Pop sockets are amazing accessories. They make handling your phone so much easier. But if you want more angles than just horizontal, a foldable phone stand is your best bet. The Moft X foldable stand is one of our favorites. This stand doubles as a pop socket as well. Additionally, it is so sleek that it doesn’t add unnecessary weight to our phone. You can find this easily on online retailers such as Retail Stash that sell other phone accessories such as Samsung Wireless charger as well.

WonderCube Pro

This amazing gadget has all the necessary phone accessories all in one place. It is essentially a key chain that has a charger, phone stand, emergency power, memory, torch, and even a date cable. It is super convenient to carry around and is compatible with iPhones and Android phones as well.

Ulanzi Smartphone Video Rig

You don’t always need fancy camera equipment to create awesome videos. Simply pair your smartphone up with the Ulzani Smartphone Video Rig. The best thing is that you can use it as a handheld frame or a professional video rig. Furthermore, you can put a mic on it and use it on a tripod or a slider as well. It is really smooth and comfortable so you can make awesome videos easily!


Don’t you ever wish you could take your iPhone with you while swimming? Well, now you can. Lenzo lets you take pictures with your iPhone 7 and 7 Plus up to 330 feet underwater, A creation of ValsTech Inc, it is in their own words the safest and most advanced undertaker housing for your phone.

Additionally, each case is individually tested by the creators. Furthermore, it is designed to switch between various modes. For example, panoramic, square, time-lapse, slo-mo, zoom, video, picture, changing settings, and many more.

LuminAid or PackLite Max Phone Charger

Two Columbia University students pitched the idea of LuminAid on the sixth season of Shark Tank. Surprisingly, or well not that surprisingly, they got offers by all five judges or investors. LuminAid is a great product with many more benefits than one might think of. First of all, it is great for campers. Another excellent benefit is that it is an excellent gadget to use in crises. This is why more than 70 countries have already used this gadget in disasters such as the earthquakes in Nepal and Hurricane Sandy.

Furthermore, it is an inflatable lantern, which has a USB port that charges your phone in 1-2 hours, or a solar port that takes 12-14 hours to charge your phone. Additionally, you can submerge it in up to 3 feet of water and use it for 50 hours on Low Mode.

NUU Konnect i1

If you travel around a lot or are planning to go abroad soon but hate the expensive roaming fees, this device is ideal for you. It allows you to roam in more than a 100- that’s right, a hundred countries- for only 10 dollars. Additionally, it also allows up to 5 devices connected to a global 4G LTE hotspot. Besides, it even lets you make international calls in 20 plus countries for free!


Above were some super cool accessories and gadgets for phones that caught our eyes. We hope you found them just as amazing as we did. So if you found one of the items especially charming and decide to buy it, you just have to search it up on any good Cell Phone Accessory Online Store. Have a fun day!

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