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Strobe Moisturiser or Best Moisturiser?

Best Moisturiser

Call it the best moisturizer, smart moisturizer, or whatever word you have for it! We call it Get Lit Illuminator Strobe Moisturiser. Ikkai Beauty is mastering the world of skincare products with its organic approach to fruity skin remedies for all modern-day skin issues. Each product is a new fruit packed in a tiny little tube to give you the happiness of oh-so-awesome skin every day, so you glow at your best and take care of your skin with organic fruity goodness.

Put your Natural Sheen On!

Get Lit Illuminator Strobe moisturizer is a cream-based formula that hydrates and moisturizes your facial skin cells deeply. It also treats dry and uneven skin. Available in 2 variations Gold Matte and Pearl Matte Gloss, this is just what you need for a day full of skin hydration and nourishment. Wherein, gold variation gives you a 24k Golden sheen on your face, Pearl variation gives you a pink pearl-ish glow on your skin. Both the variations are formulated with the goodness of Green Tea extracts which is an effective skin cleanser and retains the lost moisture of your skin. Niacinamide, which is known to be a functional antioxidant for the skin and it also retains the healing properties of your skin mixed with the Kokum Butters to provide deep nourishment to your dry and dead skin cells, so your skin is healthy and the radiance is restored.

Achieve ‘em Dewy-Skin Goals

Now achieving those dewy skin looks that you are usually obsessed over on social media is easy for you. Take a generous amount and apply it over the high points of your skin such as Brow bone, T-zone around your nose and forehead, forehead, and your cheekbones. Blend it well in upward motions and there you go!

Multi-function Formula for all your Skin Needs

Get Lit Illuminator Strobe Moisturiser is a quick-fix for all your skin needs. This face moisturizer is nothing like regular face creams. On the contrary, it’s something unique and organic, filled with a lot of happiness in it. Use it as a cream-based highlighter, a regular face moisturizer, as a primer before you put your makeup on, mix it with your foundation/ blush, or just use it normally on the highlighting points of your face after your daily skincare regime. Whatever you do, eventually you feel satisfied with the subtle sheen of it that leaves your skin bright, radiant, and oh-so-dewy.

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What’s the difference between Gold Matte and Pearl Matte Gloss?

Pearl Matte Gloss variation is suitable for cool undertones of your skin, it gives you a natural pinkish hue on your face and keeps your skin hydration game on point. Where-in Gold Matte Gloss variation is for those with the warm skin undertones and the complete skin nourishment you might need to look fantabulous and confident for the day. Make your pick according to your skin’s texture and try it. We’re sure you would definitely fall in love with it.

What’s so Special About it?

Well, you might find several other organic and really good face moisturizers in the market but there’s really no comparison when it comes to Ikkai Beauty’s Get Lit Illuminator Strobe Moisturiser. It’s Multi-functional, Organic, Filled with antioxidants such as Vitamin C and Niacinamide, and other skin-loving vitamins. It even helps treat your dead, dry, uneven, pigmented tones and heals your facial skin cells. What’s more to ask for? Glow needs, this face moisturizer does the trick for you. So no worries about your skin anymore. Just put it in the morning and be carefree about your skin’s health, cause it is being taken care of!

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