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Star-Lord: More than a Saviour of the Galaxy

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Who wouldn’t want a savior if he is Chris Pratt? Sassy and witty, Chris brings the famous comic almost-thief character, Peter Quill to life on screens. With every new installment of the Marvel franchise, he proved that there is no one better to portray this mind-blowing character. He brings charm and charisma to a typical action hero who is loved for his dedication and a great sense of humor.

He brilliantly manages his own larger than life personality in the Star-Lord Leather Jacket and showcases an extraordinary amalgam of a well-versed and highly trained intergalactic hero. His feats and accomplishments are hard to ignore especially when they are easy to relate by humans,

What is so Different About Star-Lord?

When a long time ago, a cosmic being Ego went to several planets in preparation for his Expansion plant, he required a second celestial being. He soon found Meredith Quill, known as an Earthling who gave birth to a brilliant boy with unusual powers. Ego’s selfish desire to create massive destruction fuelled him to kill the only person he ever got attached to even for a little time.

Peter Quill, being a loving son, lived with his mother till her last breath. The leader of the Ravagers was actually paid by Ego to get the boy he left behind. Since he was a part of a mercenary band, he had a cunning mind that found out soon that the kids he abducted for Ego were all killed one by one. This forced him to raise Quill on his own rather than giving him to his evil father.

One of the reasons Peter was called an almost thief is because he was brought up by one savage. With the type of company he grew up with, it was not less than a miracle that made him such a loving hero for his people.

After Quill decides that he needs to go on his own and has to utilize the experience he gained among his mercenary fellows, he leaves on a spaceship of his own. From here, he acquires the title of Star-Lord – galaxy’s most infamous and cunning thief.

The Leader who Inspired by his Charisma!

There is nothing you wouldn’t expect from a half-human and half-celestial being. But the superpowers allow Star-Lord to withstand the excellent exposure of the Power Stone without impairing him. The reason he can effortlessly manipulate energy stems from his otherworldly powers as well.

He lived among aliens almost all his life. The quarter he spent with his mother soon became a distant memory where he couldn’t decipher the reason she left him so soon. His complex brought up allowed him to learn the trade from the Ravagers. Although the trade they did was mainly about thievery and evasion, they were all intelligent beings.

His travels all over the galaxy gifted him with a huge number of enemies. It is probably true that he is hated more for his Ego and attitude than he is adored for his empathetic behavior. Star Lord’s biggest enemy, Ronan the Accuser is a Kree Warrior who is after the same thing as Quill, aka the Orb.

To show his true nature, Quill, in the end, is seen proposing for a settlement which is quickly refused by Ronan. Soon after this, Star Lord’s discovery of his mother’s murderer shakes him brutally. His own father would do something like this had never crossed his mind. After this, an open war happens that shows the dark intentions of all the beings involved in Quill’s world.

Famous for his Sassy Humor!

Star Lord’s life history and early childhood experience would never tell you about his current lifestyle. No one knows how he inherited goodwill and remarkable wits even after all he had to go through. His skills in marksmanship, intense hand-to-hand combat, and sword fighting are hard to miss.

It is safe to say that he is a formidable cosmic hero with a fiery heart and steel made limbs. He is often seen on warzones in his Kree-fitted helmet. It is known as his most defining piece among what he owns as it enhances the sight and offers valuable information. To have a gun that only works when you want is a jackpot for him as well. He uses it to shoot his infamous energy blasts that work well in the later wars where he is seen with the rest of the Avengers.

A 100% memory recollection allows him to never miss anything else as he had to go through a phase where he practically knew nothing about his past. Even if you take all his additional gear and powers, he remains a formidable force of cosmic powers. He can pretty much joke about anything and any situation he ends up in.

What to Expect from Star Lord in the Coming Years?

Without batting an eyelash, you can declare him as one of the most resourceful among the lot. With the number of skills she has under his sleeves, it rarely happens that he is not at the front lines fighting for something bigger than his own being.

His two Quad Blasters, famous for their blasting powers, are the center of attention. Quill, after Gomora’s demise, shows his more emotionally sensitive side that gives some hints about what can be expected from the big guy. He is empathic and always there for his friends, but this does not make him an exception to human emotions. In his dashing attire, he is expected to come back with his powers in MCU’s later installments. There are no new rumors about this highly energetic character besides his famous guardians of the galaxy Star-Lord jacket being the next smartest cosplay attire for his fans!