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Some Lovely and Unique Kitchen Cabinet Trends that you will Love Forever

As it comes to kitchen cabinets, wood kitchen cabinets are ageless. But there was a time when wooden cabinets were the most unattractive and outdated. But gone are those days. The cabinetry is back in its own style. Modern cabinets feature natural finishes to add a subtle dimension with a unique texture to the kitchen space. Based on the finish color and the style of the doors, the look may vary. It can lean either rustic and warm or contemporary and tidy.

Kitchen Cabinet Trends to Nurture

Let’s have a look at different kitchen cabinets that are very much in vogue or will last for years to come.

  • Open Storage Concept – This is a timeless concept in kitchen decoration. Less is sometimes more and this applies to open concept. Open storage shelves are a unique and stylish substitute to the upper cabinets. The shelving provides an airy, light feel to the cooking space. If you like the concept, line the walls with floating kitchen shelves. Place potted herbs, dishware, and other accessories on them. If you don’t want to replace the existing cabinetry, just remove the doors. And your basic cabinets will turn into open shelving.
  • Cabinets with Glass Front – Glass front doors for the kitchen cabinets are preferred by many homeowners. It’s like a break from the wall-to-wall cabinets. Moreover, such doors create a space to display dishes, collectibles, and glassware. If you don’t want to have glass doors for all the cabinets, add them to at least some to bring a fresh and light look. Glass panels also help to lighten the look of wooden floor-to-ceiling cabinets. You can get this style with RTA cabinets as well.
  • New Neutral – Do you know that blue is one of the most accepted colors? And that applies to the kitchen cabinets as well. The subtle blue shades are the new neutral. You can pair your kitchen up with dusty blue cabinetry with wooden accents and industrial materials.
  • Floor to Ceiling Cabinets If possible, you can allocate the wall opposite the cooking area for storage with cabinets. This option goes well with other trends like open shelving and huge windows. If the storage space is lessened from other areas, a floor-to-ceiling chest of cabinets can accommodate kitchen accessories, appliances, and essentials.
Floor to Ceiling Cabinets
  • Fusion Style– If you want to add a quick twist on the conventional cabinets, a two-tone look with separate colors for the upper and base cabinets may be tried out. Such kitchens take the look to the next level by pairing with shaker-style base cabinets along with raised-trim upper units. Think about gray for the patterned tile floor.
  • Traditional Styles – If you like a traditional cottage flair for your kitchen, hire a carpenter for custom trim works. Buy secondhand hardware.
  • Simplicity – Well, simplicity can be best defined by white. White cabinets are versatile, durable, and often seen in cottage kitchens and even modern kitchens. If your cabinets come with shaker doors, white paint can do the wonder. It creates a fresh look inside the kitchen. But don’t go for any over-fancy accessories and hardware. Choose modest ones with clean lines. This will maintain the classy look.
  • Custom Storage – Around two decades back, cabinets were thought to be custom if they had a built-in spice rack. Today, there is no dearth of storage options. Kitchen cabinets Minneapolis are often featured with bread boxes, pullout trays, and other storage spots.
  • Display Cubbies – These are a fresh concept. For the narrow tight areas between the studs of the kitchen, keep open cabinets. Such cubbies can be used as a display space for essential tools and cookbooks. You can also use them as handy storage for the spices. Don’t forget to paint them the same color as the surrounding cabinets.

These are a few kitchen cabinet ideas that you can hardly ignore. It is hard to leave such a kitchen for women when relocating to another city or town. But this guide on How to Pack up Your Kitchen: Pantry, Fridge, and Freezer may be very helpful for everyone to save cost incurred on setting kitchen and keeping things safe.