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Simple Ways to Appreciate and Enjoy Life

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Today more than ever many people live through their lives without that much appreciation and zest. They feel the burden of life is too much and has no need or urge to appreciate it or the little things in it that gives it colour and meaning, and such is a very miserable state to be in. and so the questions beg to be asked, how can we revive our zest towards life and in turn appreciate and enjoy it? Here’s some simple ways how!

Bring a Book with you

Everywhere you go bring a book with you. The issue here is not on boredom or on killing time, it is about feeding your soul with worthwhile content while disengaging from the internet and engaging the soul that is inside.

Now some people might have raised some eyebrows with this idea, but the thing is reading a book is feeding the soul without the corruption that comes from the content of the internet. Don’t get me wrong, the internet is good but it has its downsides, and it matters a lot if we disconnect from it from time to time. 

Listen to Music

Find time to listen to your favorite music and enjoy it not because you need to relax, but just because you want to. Many of us has this notion that music can aid us in how we work, and function, which is true on so many levels, but the thing is we also have forgotten how to appreciate the art for what it is not because of what it can do. So, the next time you find yourself free from any responsibility, even for a while, buy yourself some over ear wireless headphones and enjoy your favourite music, with the full intention of appreciating it.


Take a stroll

Take a stroll outside and enjoy the view. One of the lost arts in the world today is the appreciation of the view, we tend to have the urge to take pictures of beautiful sceneries and events and tend to appreciate it after.

Taking a stroll just for the sake of doing it actually revives the energy that we have inside. We tend to forget that in order to fully experience something we have to take it in at the present moment, and that is what strolling does, it lets you take the whole experience as it is.

Create Connection

Lastly, you need to make a connection. In order to live fully we must be able to connect with others, now this might sound so cliché, but the idea is there and that is you have to let yourself and allow yourself to connect with a fellow being and with it only then can you be truly happy and truly live. You can do this by visiting an orphanage or do some volunteer work, or simply talk to someone who needs somebody to talk to.

Always remember that to really enjoy life one must look inward and feed the child that is inside, many of us went through life and we tend to forget the child that is in us, we tend to forget the zest, the passion, and child-like excitement that we have about life. Thus, we have this need to reconcile the man and the child in us to revive that passion and appreciation that we should have on our very life.

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