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Should you Invest in Android, IOS, or both App Development Platforms?

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When you board a random train, walk into a waiting area or see people taking a break, something immediately catches your eye: almost everyone has a smartphone in their hand. We Indians are enthusiastic smartphone users and use our phones & accompanying mobile apps everywhere. But for which device – iOS or Android – do you start developing?

The demand for having an app made for mobile phones and tablet computers continues to grow. The use of these devices is increasing rapidly and the need to take advantage of mobile marketing is also increasing. Have you been toying with the idea of ​​having an app made for a while? There are many different options for this. Not everyone knows that there is a big technical difference between developing types of apps (a native app, a web app or a hybrid app). That also affects the price of having an app made. 

Difference between Android and iOS Mobile Apps

Unfortunately, mobile apps that are only developed for Android will not work on an iPhone or iPad. An Android application development India is written in the Java programming language. While an iOS app is written in Objective-C or the newer language Swift. The great strength of Android is that it runs on smartphones from different manufacturers, so there is a lot of choice from different devices, large or small screen, budget phone, or expensive premium device. That’s one reason for Android’s high market share. iOS only runs on Apple smartphones. These smartphones are in the premium segment and are therefore more expensive to purchase.

Android and iOS Mobile

Developing for iOS or Android? Maybe both at the same Time?

Which platform you choose first depends mainly on the goal. Research shows that iPhone users are 6x more likely to pay for an app. Either in advance or via an in-app purchase. Apple users are generally more engaged and use their smartphones more. Therefore, the chance of income from your app is greater in the App Store. A free app is better placed in the Google Play Store. Simply because Android users download free apps more often and the number of Android users is simply greater. Also do research on the target group, in some target groups a certain type of smartphone is used much more often than the general figures. e.g. among entrepreneurs, you will often find an iPhone.

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Develop mobile app natively or hybrid If you really can’t make a choice, you can always choose to develop the app for both platforms (iOS and Android), with this your app has the largest reach, namely 95%. Some studies indicate even higher percentages. Obviously, developing two mobile apps takes more time and budget, because the app has to be developed twice – in Java and Swift – if you choose a native app. Another option is to opt for hybrid app development, for example with Mendix, Xamarin, Appcelerator, or React Native App Development services in India. The advantage is that you can reuse a lot of code for both operating systems. 

This allows you to develop more cheaply. The downside of hybrid app development can be that the user experience of a hybrid mobile app can be less than a native app. Certainly, if the chosen technique does not result in a native app.

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