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Require iPhone 6s Battery Replacement? Approach an Independent Apple Service Center

Is your iPhone’s battery draining quickly? Or does your iPhone keep turning on and off repeatedly? The chances are that it immediately requires an expert’s assistance. However, if your AppleCare warranty has expired then a battery replacement service from an Apple store can cost you a lot. But you do not have to worry as today, the markets offer various third-party repair service centers that can provide an excellent quality treatment and boost the performance of your phone, without consuming much time.

The technicians at these repair centers perfectly carry out the entire iPhone 6s battery replacement job at reasonable rates, and sometimes even offer your phone back to you on the very same day. Hence, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that running to an independent repair center for iPhone’s battery replacement can be just the best choice, as long as you choose a reliable repair center. In fact, for a better understanding of what all these independent service centers can offer you, here are some benefits you can look forward to.

Do an In-Depth Analysis

The technicians hired by reputed service centers are skilled, qualified and experienced, which means that you do not have to worry about putting your trust in their hands. They first closely examine the problem to find out what exactly is causing the battery to drain, and then explain everything to you. In addition, before proceeding with the replacement process, they inform you about the total time and cost involved in it in order to seek your approval.

Provide Same-Day Repair Services

Yes, it may sound surprising but there are many accredited independent repair centers that offer same-day repair services. Their technicians deal with hundreds of iPhones every single day, and hence, they know exactly how to speedily perform iPhone 6s battery replacement job, without compromising the quality of the service in any manner. In fact, quite a few service centers repair and return your phone on the same day, without charging any additional fee.

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Ensure Free Pick and Drop Facility

In order to deliver maximum convenience to the consumers, the well-established repair centers also offer free pick and drop facility. With this incredible facility, you do not have to bear the burden of taking your damaged phone to the repair shop. The technicians come to pick the phone from your location and even drop it back after repairing it, with no extra charge.

Offer Lifetime Warranty

Every renowned repair center has years of experience in the field and confidence in the accuracy of its repair services. Hence, they offer lifetime warranty on all their iPhone parts and tools as well as on the workmanship of their technicians. With warranty, the consumers get the assurance that the battery replacement process was carried out perfectly, and in case, the same issue crops up in the future, they will not be charged any money for it.


There are numerous dependable repair shops around you that can efficiently handle the entire iPhone 6s battery replacement service at reasonable charges. From in-depth analysis to same-day repair service, free pick and drop facility and lifetime warranty, you can avail a range of benefits by approaching a third-party apple service center. Just make sure to thoroughly scout the markets, before settling down for any repair shop.