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Popular Types of Custom Packaging for Electronics

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Regardless of what type of electronic item you wish to package, there is an apt custom packaging available for it. Choosing the most suitable one is, however, the important factor, What electronic item do you sell? Does it require an unusual box shape and custom damage control? Electronics come in thousands of variations and forms. Chances are high that your brand would require offbeat boxes to keep the products safe along with improving brand visibility.

For this, there is a buffet of customized electronic boxes available to pick the one that aptly satisfies all your product and branding needs. Without further ado, let us look into the most commonly used electronic custom boxes and how they provide good cover and branding opportunities for your business.

Folding Cartons

Some decades ago, folding cartons were used exclusively to box expensive items. But today, due to increased demand and production, the boxes are easily attainable in different sizes and custom features!

These carton boxes usually have a tuck flap on one of both ends of the box and are made mostly with corrugated paper. However, these can also be attained in cardboard or Kraft stock. The folding style keeps contents safe during transit and ensures that the electronic items are kept moisture-free too. Certain laminations and coatings layers make the boxes scratch-proof and water-resistant too.

Folding cartons are now a $110 billion industry. They are appreciated for storing small items weighing about a few pounds to bigger and heavier electronics without adding considerable costs to weighted shipping. Thus, you can send light bulbs and even LEDs using custom versions of folding cartons.

custom packaging

Rigid Boxes

Rigid paper is more textured than corrugated or cardboard. It is popular for premium electronic items like watches and cell phones. But can also be utilized for any other item when the brand wants to exhibit a luxurious vibe.

Apart from appearing high-end, the paper stock is much thicker and sturdier than traditional boxes. As a result, the boxes are not easily collapsed or mutated. Customized features help brand the boxes and add to the brand’s value proposition.

Roll End Tuck Top Boxes

Does it sound too complicated? It’s anything but that! You can build the box without the need for glue or even tape, and the box holds well just by folding the ends and tucking them into the front. These offer a locking cover that displays double-locking positions on the bottom panel. Extra locking panel on lip plane, to ensure that your electronic packaging is strong and reliable. These boxes usually come in corrugated material and are used for e-commerce. Shipping electronic items can be risky but firm locks and seals can maintain the products’ originality throughout shipping conditions. What’s more, the top of the boxes can even be transparent to showcase the goods inside, making them work for electronics retailing too!

Mailer Boxes

You must have received orders in these boxes. Shaped like envelopes, the boxes are made to withstand pressure and shakes. Thanks to interlocking flaps and wings, it is easy to assemble and requires no adhesive tape to be assembled and closed. Its double sidewalls make it durable and more resistant to transport than other types of paperboard packaging

Flatter electronic items are better suited for such custom packaging. The mailer boxes take up less space and are ideal for sending a lot of stock together in one shipment.

Display Boxes

Perfect for retail displays. The compact nature of the boxes allows them to be placed near cash tills. This promotes impulsive buying and lowers packaging expenses by holding dozens of lightweight and small electronic items like USBs and batteries in one unit.

You can use the boxes on their own or add custom inserts to improve displays and hold the items firmly in place. The boxes can be made with cardboard stock and last longer with print enhancing features like spot UV coating and more.

Just a Basic Box?

Getting creative and sustainable boxes is a better alternative to conventional ones any day. It doesn’t have to be the electronics box shapes that are unique, you can also customize the outer box covers with distinct content, designs, and colors and form an exclusive brand appeal.

Fostering viable brand awareness becomes convenient by printing it on the branded boxes. Customers are highly probable to notice a brand identity that stands apart from the crowd. Moreover, have you ever thought about giving your customers the ultimate shopping experience? The recent surge in online unboxing videos has urged electronic brands to concentrate on their packaging as a way of customer retention.

If you’ve ever been the proud owner of a new iPhone, you’ll already remember that the unboxing was a legendary experience in itself. Apple didn’t do that by chance. Every part of an iPhone unboxing, from the very first models until today’s super sleek and sophisticated designs, has been designed to create a complete experience surrounding the smartphone. It is time that you use innovative box shapes created by pro box manufacturers to capture your target customers and encourage existing ones to be brand loyal by imparting a memorable unboxing experience.

Electronic Packaging Boxes for Fulfilling Varied Branding Goals

When planning to use the boxes more than just product protectors, a list of possibilities may spin your mind! But don’t worry professional help is along the way.

You can design, double-check, and create different box prototypes before finalizing the box look. And all from your workspace! So whether you’re shipping hair dryers or designer watches, or anything in between, it pays to work with customized boxes that not only fit perfectly but allow you to bring your vision to reality. It is time that you create a look and style for your electronics custom packaging that makes an incredible impression.


Picking and designing out-of-the-box electronics packaging from a variety of box types helps your brand to become more visible. Benefit from a perfect combination of packaging technology and design to create a flawless first impression for your customers.