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5 Ways to Grab Your Client’s Attention with Playing Card Boxes

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Playing card boxes have been around for some time now. And one can say for fact that they have played a massive role in increasing the popularity and. Brand identity of the company that they belong to in a very subtle way. These boxes have successfully managed to supersede the previously offered plastic boxes that were used to sell playing cards.

This happened due to the spread of realization in humans regarding the usage of plastic and also due to the benefits. That paper-made packaging offered to its consumers. These boxes are the exact shape of the cards that are presented in them. They are made from different variants of cardboard material depending upon the demand of the customers.

Playing card games is a routine custom in many households all across the world. After all, nothing is more cherish able than those card games between family and friends. People that own these cards know very well how difficult it is to keep them unharmed. And organized if they are not packed up in qualitative playing card boxes. But what many of us do not know is that these boxes are not just. The carriers and safe houses for these cards, but they are also. One of the most practical marketing sources of this game.

If you own a playing card manufacturing business. You may be well aware that there is no proper marketing gimmick available for indoor games. Nor is it regularly witnessed that indoor games get advertised. In such a scenario, here are five of the most practical and prominent ways. To grab your customer’s attention with the help of the boxes. That you deploy for the packaging of your playing cards.

Unusual finishes: It can simply not be simpler than this. People get attracted to anything that is not common. If your cards are packed in a box that has a rugged or earthy texture. It would undoubtedly attract at least all of those target customers that are closely concerned about climatic decomposition. Such boxes are made from Kraft paper which is the outcome of high-tech recycling processes.

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This paper has a very earthy and homey finish, and if it is not processed. It gives out a feeling that the box has been made by hand. Going for this trick may also be able to save you some valuable money. Which you can invest in any of your other business pursuits. Kraft is recycled; that is why it is also highly affordable. You can also buy these cheap custom playing card boxes online at economical rates. Another one of their positives is that they are readily available. And their costs go even lower. If they are not embellished with over-the-top antics.

Surprising Playing Card Boxes die cuts:

This is a technique that is used by almost everyone. But the surprising thing about it is that it almost always works if it is utilized skillfully. Die cuts are one of the finest advancements of modern packaging technology. That have made the possibility of creating tailor-made true-to-life packaging a reality. Introducing suggestive die cuts in your playing card packaging can markedly enhance the customer’s interest in your product.

Especially in the case where your cards have an attractive background. Their manufacturing material speaks volumes about their class and quality. If you add die-cut windows and shapes on your playing card packaging. The users would most probably find themselves. Compelled to have a look at your product which would consequently heighten the chances of an impulsive purchase.

Alluring Graphics:

A picture can undoubtedly say a thousand words without even uttering a single one. This applies to product packaging as well. If you want to grab the attention of your clients the moment they set their eyes on your product, you can get some true-to-life high-quality images flaunted on your product packaging. Another tip in this regard is relatability.

The more the users can relate to the images that they see on your packaging solution, the more they are likely to get attracted to buying it. This is mainly why businesses make the best use of images that are the talk of the day on their packaging products. You can buy playing card boxes online that are designed by professionals who know the trends and demands of the market, and they assist you accordingly as to what options you should select for your product packaging.

Scratch codes:

This trick is a new one, and it has rapidly become the most popular one as well. People love to win things, even if it is a small rubber ducky. Adding a scratch code on your playing card packaging may be able to attract users towards your product even if they do not need it. The chance of winning something after scratching the code is attractive enough to make some people buy something that they do not even need that much. You can also add a QR code for this reason, and it would generate the same level of curiosity and excitement amongst your users.

playing card boxes wholesale
Use Typography:

Suggestive typography does not only look good on product packaging. But it is also one of the most practical sales mantras for many products. That are bought based on certain traits that they may have in them. However, this is not as simple as it seems to be. On the one hand, typography is very simple to apply. You can simply select the font, its color, its style, and the placement that it will hold on the box.

 However, the problem occurs when you have to make your product internationally. Acclaimed and have to deal with people that have different norms, customs, and choices. There may be a statement that is not so acceptable in one country. Which may be highly appraised in another one. Using typography smartly on your packaging can gain your product a lot of attention. But making a slight error may bring your flag down way before you know it.

The above-mentioned five ways may turn out to be more beneficial for your product’s. Individuality enhancement than you have even anticipated. However, they look easy and simple to follow, but actually. They require a lot of attention and careful decision-making to get the maximum benefits out of them.

No matter if you are investing in playing card boxes wholesale or just trying out something new with minimum quantities. Both cases require you to take each step with great care so that you may be able to leave a long-lasting impression on your clients right at the first go.