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How you can Make a Perfume for your Hair at Home


The fact that our scalp produces an ample amount of sweat that makes us smells back leaving an unpleasant impression on the people. As per the advice of the dermatologist you should not be using perfumes in your hair because the high content of alcohol makes your hair weak leading to hair fall. Now that there are various hair products in the market people are left to their own devices in deciding what to but for their hair.

Market Products and Chemicals

When you choose something from the market it is given that regardless of the labeled ingredients on it claiming not be 100% natural and pure there has to be some amount of chemical and alcohol present in it and even that little amount makes it harmful for the hair especially for the once who already have weak and thin hair there are countless hair mist in Pakistan that claim to be natural and organic. When you go out and invest money in the products that should be benefiting you expect it to be healthy for yourself but fair enough that these days 90% of the products are artificiality synthesized.

Hair Being the most Prominent Asset of our look

Since hair contribute to 80% of our looks it is important to take good care of them and use natural product that will make them healthy intend of artificially synthesized product that may end up damaging them and making weak resulting in hair fall sometimes applying too much of hair styling products and exposing hair to heat result in depleting the health of your hair.

When we put perfumes or mist in our hair we definitely want them to smell good and as we are doing this to smell fresh but what if we can do it every day without being petrifies of losing our hair.

Non Toxic Natural Fragrance

So here is my personal DIY for you to make a hair mist at your home all natural so that without fearing the chemicals in the product you can freely make it a part of your daily care routine. You’ll know exactly what middle, base and top notes to use and what essential oils will make your hair healthier and make them smell delicious every day.

DIY Homemade Perfume for Hair with Essential Oils

Essential Oils

  • Choose the carrier ingredient of your choice for example Aloe Vera, Hazel witch, Vodka. Jojoba Oil.
  • Use rose water to escalate the natural fragrance of the mist. Keep in mind that since we are making an organic homemade recipe of a hair mist its better if you instead of using a store bought rose water go for a homemade version made from the rose petals.

The Essential Oils you Should be using

This he most frequently asked question what essential oils to be using. When you are making a mist at home it clearly doesn’t mean that you can throw anything inside. Know what you are using it’s not like “a little of this and a little bit of that”. You should consider a couple of things before you start with the process:

Choose Essential Oils that Nourish your Hair

When you choose the an essential oil don’t choose it on the basis of smell choose essential oil based on the fact that it is something that will nurture your hair additional to smelling good. Be sure of what notes to want to use in your blend for example the middle, top and base notes are the one that make any hair mist or perfume smell good. Normally top notes are the one that fade away with in the initial one or two hours of using the product, the base notes are that stays throughout the day where notes linger the longest they may last for a day or two. The ratio used by the perfume firms in manifesting any kind of scent is 30% of top notes, 50% of Middle note and base note are 20%.

girl holding bottle

Choose the Carrier

Let’s dig into a little science lesson here. We all know that due the difference in the natural composition of oil and water they both never mix oil trend to float on the surface of water due to which when it is used on the hair it cases irritation and makes a sticky mixture that becomes irksome.

So, instead of using some any oil here are a few alternatives that be used in making perfumes for hair.

Witch Hazel or Vodka

Alcohol is not a natural ingredient it makes your scalp dry and itchy sometimes as well. But it makes the texture of the perfume light and helps the oil to dissolve and gives the fragrance overall a very light weight and fresh smell

Aloe Vera

It is another carrier that can be used in the homemade perfume for hair it acts as a conditioner as well as it emulsifies the oils in the hair perfume.


  • 4.5 oz. of rose water
  • 45 drops of essential oil
  • 1 ½ tbsp. of carrier


Add 45 drops of essential oil in a bottle until you think that you have reached the desired scent now let it sit for a few days to brew that way the scent of the perfume will be escalated after that add 1-2 tbsp. of carrier and mix it well with the essential oil once both oil and the carrier have incorporated well. Pour the mixture into rose water. And there you have it your own homemade perfume that is far less harmful and much healthier than a store bought perfume.