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Patient Matching in ChartLogic EHR – How can it Help you?

ChartLogic EHR Software

ChartLogic offers an integrated EHR software suite for private physician practices. The ChartLogic EHR is known to improve patient care, workplace productivity, and financial performance.

ChartLogic EHR helps you document patient encounters and organize data cost-effectively and securely. The design of the software intuitively matches a practices’ workflow, along with its specialty and personal inclinations. EMR software, practice management system, e-prescribing, patient portal, and medical billing services are all part of the ChartLogic EHR suite.

What is the Concept Behind Patient Matching?

Patient matching is a straightforward and logical concept. Being a healthcare provider, you must ensure that medical data is associated with the relevant patient. Working in practice with robust EHR software and increasing interoperability, you need to guarantee patient matching. With the migration of patient data from physical records to these EHR systems, and patients physically moving around, vital information can get lost in the flow.

Interoperability allows you not just to be more efficient but also to improve your diagnosis and treatment approaches. With ChartLogic, you can access information from other users on the network. This allows you to improve your clinical diagnosis and treatment plans by having access to a larger pool of data from which you can base your decisions and findings.

Top Advantages of Interoperability

Successful interoperability allows different platforms to share and exchange knowledge. It removes the roadblocks that prevent all healthcare providers from reaping the following essential benefits.

Enhanced Productivity

Productivity will suffer if interoperability is a constraint. You must be able to obtain data from a variety of different systems quickly. Interoperability enhances productivity as it allows you to communicate and exchange information with others to improve your clinical operations.

Quality Care for Patients

Interoperability is essential for better patient care. You can decide better if you have access to the appropriate data at the right moment. Interoperability is critical given the advantages of implementing a decision support system that relies on data from multiple sources to be effective.

Reduced Chances of Errors

Interoperability helps reduce the risk of making errors. When you can share data from EHRs with billing platforms, you can easily avoid mistakes in coding for medical billing.

Patient Satisfaction

Patients deserve access to their medical records so that they can take control of their health. They also wouldn’t want to fill out paperwork each time they come for consultation. Moreover, they should receive consistent care from all of their physicians. All of these things are possible with interoperability, and they help patients be more satisfied.

What Makes Chartlogic EHR the Best Choice?

ChartLogic is one of the most cost-effective EHR and medical billing platforms because of its efficient features and lack of implementation or training expenses. ChartLogic’s rates, including access to a comprehensive and user-friendly healthcare IT platform, may benefit small clinics and new practices watching their budgets.

ChartLogic EHR Pricing

ChartLogic, like many other medical billing services, charges a monthly percentage of net practice revenues. Monthly percentage charges mean that the more money your healthcare setup makes, the more ChartLogic gets paid. Its normal monthly price runs from 3% to 6% of collections. According to the ChartLogic EHR reviews, it offers one of the most cost-effective billing options available in the market.

This EMR typically needs clients to sign a two-year contract, a standard practice in the medical billing industry but more prolonged than some other options. But on the other hand, does not collect any installation or training fees as these costs are incorporated into the monthly collections.

ChartLogic EHR Reviews

We have gathered ChartLogic EHR reviews from various websites to give you a clear picture of how the current users perceive the EHR software.


According to ChartLogic EHR users, the users recommend the software for its ease of use and user-friendly interface. The software allows them to adopt a mixture of speech recognition. Also, allow recorded templates, and saved paragraphs of commonly used words, streamlining their documentation process. 

Furthermore, the users enjoy organizing the dashboard to their advantage and seeing the patient demographic information without returning to the PM. Last but not least, the users applaud the customer service of ChartLogic EHR.


Every EHR software has a few drawbacks. The ChartLogic EHR reviews suggest that the most common complaint received regarding the software were the updates that cause the system to glitch off and on.

Our Two Bits About ChartLogic EHR

The ChartLogic EHR Software’s primary goal is to shift from paper-based to digital workflow as seamlessly as possible for medical practices. Practice management, EHR, and billing software are all part of the ChartLogic EHR suite, which you can use to their full potential. The software is appropriate for practices of all sizes. Overall, we think that ChartLogic EHR is a superb alternative for any clinic wishing to improve its operations and streamline its processes.

Instead of directly purchasing the software. We recommend getting a ChartLogic demo to see the product in a real-time healthcare setting. We also recommend digging deeper into other ChartLogic EHR features and determining whether or not they are well suited to your practice’s needs.