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One Touch EMR the Benefits and Limitations

One Touch EMR

The use of the term One Touch EMR for Electronic Medical Recording and Patient Portal is somewhat new to the health care industry. Previously, the term EMR only referred to electronic health records (EHR). Such records have revolutionized the way hospitals and other healthcare facilities treat their patients, providing complete information about the patient’s daily activities and enabling improved quality of care. As a result, many physicians are switching to using EMR software to conduct their internal medicine records.

The Term One Touch EMR

However, the term One Touch Emr may be unfamiliar to some doctors and administrators. One Touch Emr is an application that allows authorized medical personnel to input patient information into an electronic health record. In simple terms, it is a virtual computer terminal that allows physicians and other authorized staff to enter patient records remotely. This information is then deposited into a secure electronic database, which all authorized staff can access for any purpose. All authorized staff must have an account or PIN, which they log in with every time they change the patient’s data.

Use of One Touch EMR

Although the use of one touch emr is relatively novel compared to other healthcare practices, certain principles underlying its creation and implementation are familiar and easy to explain. For example, for an EMR to be considered an EMR solution, it must provide a convenient interface for physicians and other staff members. Because this facilitates easy access, all data required to implement the plan for the day can be reviewed in real-time via the company’s mobile data management system, thus improving efficiency.

Integrated One-Touch EMR Solution

An integrated one touch emr solution also offers a higher level of security than traditional servers. Encrypted data is maintaining on secure online servers, eliminating the possibility of tampering or theft. Another benefit of cloud-based EMR solutions is the lower price, which can save a meter thousands of dollars over the life of a contract. This cost savings is particularly attractive to modellers who conduct one or two surgeries a year and pay for onsite hospital care in addition to office visits.

Considering an EMR or ERP Solution

One of the patients’ main concerns when considering an EMR or ERP solution. An external provider is costing and flexibility. A Cloud-based one touch emr solution provides a tremendous amount of flexibility for all parties involved. The primary cost is paying for the cloud servers, but there are ways of reducing the cost associated with the Aprogram. Contracting the use of the program may lower the monthly fee. Although it should note that these contracts generally have a one-month to a one-year term. To determine the optimal solution for your family medicine or internal medicine practice, you will want to consider how well the cloud-based EMR fits into your current strategies.


EMR and ERP Programs

Some practices may prefer a more hands-on approach to their EMR and ERP programs. In this case, a one-touch emr software system may be more appropriate. In this instance, using an in-house system would allow for customization and integration of the software with existing patient records. Additionally, it would allow for the creation of customized reports and other patient-related items. This type of program would likely require a one-time cost investment from the practice. Still, it would generate a large return on investment by significantly reducing errors and eliminating duplicate billing.

Internal Medicine or Family Medicine EMR Program

For practitioners who are already running an internal medicine or family medicine EMR program. There are a few challenges associating with transitioning to an ERP-based one touch emr solution. Although most providers will have access to the necessary resources, it may still be necessary for some practitioners to train for a hands-on approach. Another issue that some practitioners face is migration fatigue. They may feel that once all of their patients have been move to the new ERP system. They have dealt with the system and are now ready to let go of their old EMR and IRO systems. However, by keeping the necessary training, current physicians will better equipp to address any issues during the move to the new ERP.


In summary, one of the biggest benefits of using touch emr is reducing the paperwork associated with patient care. Another benefit is the ease in tracking and controlling expenses associated with electronic data. In this age of healthcare, electronic medical record systems have proven beneficial and essential to all aspects of the health care profession. The one thing that everyone must remember is not to make the transition to a new electronic system too quickly. This will help to ensure that the practice management team has the time require. To properly get use to the new system and all the nuances involved before implementing it full force into the practice.