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bankruptcy attorney Oklahoma

Are you looking for a bankruptcy attorney who can assist you in Oklahoma City? Contact us at our law office to schedule a no-cost consultation.

Financial strain makes life difficult. It can affect the relationships between professionals and individuals. If this occurs to you, you need to figure out an escape route. In certain situations bankruptcy may be the most effective option. There are various types of bankruptcy , based on your specific circumstances. bankruptcy attorneys will help you determine the best method to file for bankruptcy. 

If you’re in need of help with your bankruptcy it is not a problem. The bankruptcy lawyers of Hasbrook & Hasbrook law firm are experts in Oklahoma City law and will help you navigate your bankruptcy procedure from beginning to completion. Our main focus is to provide our clients with consistent and caring support and exceptional legal guidance. We’ll handle your bankruptcy and put you on a the right path to success in the future.

What is the cost to file Bankruptcy?

This fee for filing with the court for Chapter 7 is currently $335.00. The court filing fee for Chapter 7 is currently $335.00 and the fee for filing with the court to file for Chapter 13 is currently $310.00. The court can permit you to pay the cost in installments in case you can’t pay the entire amount at once.

This is the Bankruptcy Process in Oklahoma

The process of filing bankruptcy to file bankruptcy in Oklahoma City is a lengthy and difficult procedure. The best way to make sure your case is dealt with properly is to work with a skilled and skilled Oklahoma City law firm bankruptcy attorney. An experienced bankruptcy lawyer to assist you will provide you with security and help you to file bankruptcy with the highest efficiency. The preparation is crucial in bankruptcy as well as debt reduction. Knowing the basics of bankruptcy is vital. These financial classes inform people about how to get debt relief and avoid the possibility of bankruptcy in the near future.

Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. The law governing bankruptcy could impact your situation in one of two ways:

Chapter 7, Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Are the two more popular types of bankruptcy that may file by an individual. The eligibility for filing depends by an individual’s Means Test, and there are some key differences between these two types:

Chapter 7

The fundamental idea behind filing chapter 7 bankruptcy is relieve your debts by you giving up your property, with the exception of “exempt” property which the bankruptcy law permits the owner to retain. But property that is not exempted is sold and the proceeds are going to creditors. If you wish to keep your property, such as the car or home and are in default on payment for a mortgage or car loan, then filing chapter 7 bankruptcy may not be the ideal option for you. 

This can be due to the fact that chapter 7 bankruptcy doesn’t end the rights of mortgage holders or car loan lenders to seize your property in order to pay the debt. To be eligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a consumer debtor must pass a means test. Individual debtors who have mostly business-related don’t have the ability to clear the test to be eligible to file for Chapter 7.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy (Adjustment of the amount of debt)

It is recommended to consider the possibility of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy if:

  • Your earnings are too high to be eligible to be eligible for Chapter 7.
  • There is a non-exempt property you want to keep.
  • You’re behind on your car loan or mortgage and would like to maintain the home.
  • To be eligible to be eligible for Chapter 13, you must be an individual (including t he spouses of a couple) with a steady income.

Bankruptcy documents

The quantity of paperwork required is among the main reasons the bankruptcy process is long-winded. There are several important steps to be prepared for bankruptcy, which includes:

  • List Current sources of income
  • Details of major financial transactions in the last two years
  • List Monthly Living Expenses in the form of items
  • Check All Debts in the List, Both Secured or Unsecured
  • Check All Assets and Possessions
  • Prepare Tax Documents for the Previous Two years
  • Sign Deeds for any Real Estate owned
  • Gather Car Titles
  • bankruptcy attorney Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Ok
  • Get the necessary documents to cover any outstanding loans

A knowledgeable Oklahoma City Bankruptcy Lawyer will greatly assist you in this procedure. They will ensure that you have all the necessary documents and documents. This will help you avoid your case going to Court in an organized and clear way.

Filing for Bankruptcy

 The bankruptcy attorney will file an application of two pages along with many other forms with the local bankruptcy court. The documents filed give the Court an overview of your financial standing. It is essential to be honest in any form you file with the Court. 

Hasbrook and the Edge of Hasbrook & Hasbrook Edge

The team we have assembled consisting of Oklahoma City bankruptcy attorneys has successfully represented clients in a wide range of cases. We recognize that every client’s case is unique and we take the time to understand the needs of every one individual client. The positive outcome you get from the bankruptcy process is just part of what we aim to achieve. 

Do’s and don’ts in bankruptcy!

These do’s and don’ts should be considered by every person who is filing for bankruptcy.


  • You must complete your credit counseling class. You will need to provide your certification when you file. Many classes are offered on the internet!
  • You must provide the information and documents required by your trustee. In the event that you fail to submit the necessary documentation could cause the dismissal of your case.
  • Participate in your 341 Hearing! Although a first refusal to show up will most likely result in your hearing being scheduled for a later date, continued failures will cause the removal of the case.
  • Take the debtor education course. It is not possible to receive your discharge until this obligation is completed. In the event that you fail to meet this requirement, it can result in dismissal of your case.

The previously mentioned “do’s” may not ensure that your case is smooth from filing until discharge, it is possible that there will concerns about dischargeability arising from alleged previous actions. It will, however, assist in ensuring that you receive all the relief that you are legally entitled pursuant to the Bankruptcy Code.


  • Do you take on new debt or transfer property when you think about filing for bankruptcy. The debt you have recently incurred may not be dischargable and the transfer of property might be forbidden by in the bankruptcy law. If you are required to transfer property, speak to an experienced bankruptcy lawyer to determine whether a transfer will be affected by a possible bankruptcy filing.
  • Do not include any debts, income and assets on your schedule. (See the above). It is not possible to select and decide the debts you file. The loans you owe your relatives has to be recorded. But, this does not hinder you from paying the debt that you discharged following your bankruptcy.
  • You must sign your petition and schedules without taking time to review the documents carefully. They’re signed under oath. You are confirming the truth and exactness of the documents. It’s well worth the time to go through them and make sure the accuracy of your representative have prepared the documents completely and thoroughly.
  • Stop paying for properties secured by a loan or mortgage (house or vehicle) If you want to keep the property following filing bankruptcy.
  • Large amounts of money can be paid to one creditor. This can be referred to as an “preference” and the trustee could actually obtain the payment returned to the debtor. In the event that the debtor is member of the family and the trustee is able to go back one year to find the payment. If the creditor’s not an immediate household member, the trustee is able to examine 90 days back.

This isn’t a complete list. It is crucial to be aware of the rules of bankruptcy code when you are contemplating filing a bankruptcy case.

Bankruptcy Free Consultation In Oklahoma City

A consult to Hasbrook & Hasbrook is completely free of cost. We’ll meet with you and discuss the details of your case and advise you on the best way to proceed. If you’re considering filing for bankruptcy and would like to discuss the options available, contact us to us today. The debt relief firm since we assist individuals in filing bankruptcy.

Most Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Bankruptcy for Oklahoma City

 In chapter 11 individual instances, and also those that fall under Chapter 12 (adjustment of the debts of a family farmer or fisherman) and chapter 13 (adjustment of debts of an individual earning regular income) The court typically will grant the discharge as fast as it is feasible when the debtor has made all the obligations in the plan. As a chapter 12 plan and chapter 13 plans could stipulate that payments are spread over between three and five years. The discharge generally takes place about four years following the date of the filing.

Can You Pay Off all debts when you declare Bankruptcy?

Some debts cannot be dismissed. In and around the Oklahoma City Area The debts discharged are different in each chapter of the Bankruptcy Code. In Section 523(a) (a) of the Code specifically excludes different kinds of debts from relief granted to debtors who are individuals. So, the debtor will be able to repay the debts following bankruptcy.

Does the Debtor have the right to Discharge or are creditors able to object against the discharge?


Debtors are also not eligible to receive a discharge under chapter 13 if has received a discharge in another bankruptcy case, which was initiated within the timeframes. Contrary to chapter 7, creditors don’t have the right to oppose the discharge of a chapter 12, or chapter 13, debtors. Creditors may object to the confirmation of repayment plans however they cannot challenge the discharge when the debtor has made payment under the plan.

Committed any one of the improper acts as defined in the Bankruptcy Code, or failed to correct any errors found in an audit, or is unable to provide documents or the information requested during any audits of the cases.

 The debtor can pay back a discharged debt, even if it cannot legally or legally enforced. Sometimes, debtors agree to pay a debt because it’s due to a relative or because it is a commitment to a person who’s reputation is crucial, like the family doctor.

Within Oklahoma City Will I Lose My Property?

In therfore chapter 7 bankruptcy process you will be able to keep any assets that are “exempt” from the claims of creditors.  When determining if a property is exempt from taxation, you should be aware of a few things in your mind. If you are in Chapter 13 bankruptcy you may keep. your entire properties. If you meet the criteria of the bankruptcy law. In the majority of instances, you’ll have to pay mortgages or liens in the same manner as you would. In the event that you did not declare bankruptcy.

What will happen to my Residence as well as my Car If I file Bankruptcy In Oklahoma?

Most of the time, in Oklahoma City Area you will not lose your car. Therefore Home in the bankruptcy process as you can prove that your credit on your property exempt. Even if the property is not exempt from taxation but you’ll be in a position to keep it in the event that .You pay its non-exempt value to creditors during Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Should I Attend Court?

If you have circumstances that suggest creditors may be present due to other reasons it is your responsibility and that of your bankruptcy attorney must discuss the matter prior to the meeting. There are some situations where you might require a formal appearance before the judge of bankruptcy. If this is the case your bankruptcy lawyer will inform you.

What happens to my credit after bankruptcy? Bankruptcy Impact My Credit?

A discharge can remain the credit score for as long as 10 years. If you’re in debt or have a bad credit score, your credit could already be in a bad state. 

Can I Obtain Credit After Discharge?

Most likely. Therefore For Oklahoma City and Oklahoma City Area in Oklahoma City, you’ve already discharged debt and cannot repeat.

Can Bankruptcy help me get my Oklahoma Driver’s License Do I have to pay for it?

If you’ve lost your license because you weren’t able to pay the court-ordered damage caused by the event of an accident . (financial responsibility) In bankruptcy, Oklahoma City will allow you the opportunity to obtain the license you lost. The only catch is that Chapter 7 does not typically discharge fines due to a governmental entity.

I’m married, and can I File on My Own?

Yes however, your spouse is responsible for any jointly incurred financial obligations. If you file jointly, you can likely increase your exemptions by doubling them since most exemptions are available “per debtor”. You’ll likely have to declare your spouse. Who is not filing income (and expenses) in the means test as well as Schedule. I which could affect your eligibility to make a claim under Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Does filing bankruptcy stop creditors from calling?

 Therefore automatic stay stops the bill collectors from taking any actions to collect on the debt. The stay will take effect once your case has been filed. The court will send notice to all of the creditors named. In the meantime in the meantime, if you haven’t already done this. Inform anyone who contacts them that you’ve engaged an experienced bankruptcy attorney and that you have filed bankruptcy. If they keep contacting you, they’re violating the automatic stay, and may be held accountable to you.

If I have recently relocated to another state, how do I file my claim?

The state of Oklahoma City, if you are not in the state you are currently in for 91 days .You have to wait until you’ve been in the state for 91 days, and then apply for the state you are currently in.

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