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How to Make a Note block in Minecraft?

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Music has always been a source of peace for one’s soul. There is no way one cannot enjoy listening to or creating music. Keeping in view the importance and affection with music, Minecraft introduced note blocks in the gameplay in 2011. A note block is the musical studio of Minecraft. Along with many other fun things, now players can show their talents in terms of music too. It is powered by a red stone like most other things in Minecraft.

Minecraft Note Block Studio

The power provided by the red stone causes the note block to emit different types of sounds. These sounds are usually representing the sounds produced by various other instruments. The red stone only works if there is sufficient space (at least one block) above it. The sounds by a note block can also be produced when any player struck it.

These sounds usually go over to the distance of forty-eight blocks, which is quite a remoteness. After forty-eight blocks, the sound will keep getting lower until you won’t be able to hear it anymore. You can see the particles of sounds flying away from the note block every time you play on it. There are a total of sixteen different instruments that you can hear on a note block. Every instrument has twenty-five pitches. Every pitch is differentiated from the other by diverse colors.

What are the Different Types of Minecraft Note Block Sounds?

Put the Minecraft Note block on top of another specific type of block, and it’ll give you the unique sound of an instrument. Some of these sounds are mentioned below. For example,

  • If you put a Note block on top of dirt, it gives you a piano or harp sound.
  • If you put it on top of a wood plank, it gives you a double bass sound.
  • If you put it on top of a stone, it gives you a bass kick drum sound.
  • If you put it on top of the sand, it gives you the sound of a snare drum.
  • If you put it on top of the glass, it gives you a click sound.
  • If you put it on top of gold, it’ll give you a pleasant bell sound.
  • If you put it on top of the ice, it’ll give you a wind chime sound.
  • If you put it on top of bonemeal, it’ll give you a xylophone sound.
  • If you put it on top of the wood, it’ll give you a guitar sound.
Minecraft Note Block Studio

What is the Note Block Recipe in Minecraft?

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The recipe to make a Note Block is very much simple. It is explained in the following steps.

  • First of all, get any sort of wood such as Oak, Birch, Jungle, Crimson, etc.
  • Then find at least one red stone. Redstone ore may be found in Y-levels 1-16 and mined with an iron pickaxe. Killing witches or looting chests in dungeons, castles, forest mansions, mineshafts, and towns can also yield Redstone dust.
  • Now make eight planks of wood on a three-into-three crafting table.
  • Place eight pieces of wooden planks around the outer limits of the three-into-three crafting grids, then place the Redstone in the middle square of the second row. Place the ingredients in the exact pattern, and you’ll get a note block.
  • Simply drag it into your inventory for storage purposes and to use later whenever you want.

Final Thoughts

Players have skillfully used note blocks to build realistic recreations of classic songs and even new melodies within the game of Minecraft itself throughout the years. Even after more than a decade since its release in the beta 1.2 update, the note block remains a distinctive and popular block in the game.

Almost all the versions of Minecraft support this block, so you will get to enjoy it for sure. Thus, go craft things and create music at the same time with Minecraft!