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Farruko Net Worth


Carlos Efren Reyes Rosado or Farruko is a famous singer and songwriter in the music world. He was born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico on May 2, 1991. Farruko got limelight after collaborating with other famous Puerto Rican singers such as Daddy Yankee, J Alvarez, Jory, etc. He was featured in the song “6 AM”, which earned him an award for Latin Song of the year. Initially, he had a small fan base. But later, he got fame as a world music singer. Today he rules the music industry.

Let’s learn about Farruko’s net worth, lifestyle, career, struggle, and where he is now.

Farruko Early Life

Farruko was raised in a Christian family in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. He has a brother, Francisco Calderon Rocha. Farruko discovered his singing talent at 10, which he had also talked about in his interviews. At the age of 16, he started learning music. Later he released his debut track called “Sexo Fuera del Planeta” which made him famous.

Farruko Relationships

Farruko fans have always been eager to know about his relationships. News has been circulating regarding his affairs; Farruko is married to Kairy Lopez. He had one relationship in his past but was not engaged with it.

Farruko Career

He stepped into the music world in 2006 and released his first album, “El Talento Del Bloque, ” on June 29, 2010. His first album took him to the top 20 Top Latin Albums Competition list. The record comprised a combination of genres such as; Rap and Beat, Latin Rock, Reggae, and Latin Pop.

Farruko song, “Pa Romper La Discota” was a major hit. This song played a major role in his popularity. But he didn’t stop there; it was just the beginning of his career. He released albums and songs one after the other.

In 2012, he released his album “The Most Powerful Rookie,” which got him a nomination for the Latin Grammy Award in the category of best urban Latin album of the year. His album Los Menores in 2014 was one of the most viewed albums of the year. Farruko’s popular songs like BebeConmigo, Interesada, and Salgo were the reason behind his album viewership.

On October 1, 2021, he released his best-ever album called “La 167.” This album made him reach the top of Billboard’s Top Latin Albums Chart.

Farruko Awards

Farruko has received numerous awards throughout his career, proving his hard work and talent through which he achieved those awards.

  • 2022: Premio Juventud for Viral Track of the Year, iHeartRadio Music Award for Latin Pop/Reggaeton song of the year, Premio Juventud for The Perfect Mix, and Lo Nuestro award for Pop/Urban/Dance song of the year.
  • 2021: Premio Juventud for The Perfect Mix, Lo Nuestro Award for Pop Collaboration of the Year, and Lo Nuestro Award for Urban/Pop song of the year.
  • 2020: Lo Nuestro Award for urban/pop song of the year, Billboard Latin Music Award for Latin Pop Song of the year, and Lo Nuestro Award for Pop/Rock collaboration.
  • 2019: Premio Juventud for Can’t Get Enough for This Song, a Latin Grammy Award for best urban/fusion performance.
  • 2015: Billboard Latin Music Award for Latin Rhythm Song of the year, Lo Nuestro Award for Urban Collaboration of the year, and Lo Nuestro Award for Urban song of the year.
  • 2016: Latin Grammy Award for the best urban song.

Farruko Top 15 Best Tracks

Farruko’s songs have the power to attract the audience through their lyrics. He creates relatable lyrics that touch people’s hearts, especially youngsters. Following are the top 15 best tracks by Farruko. These tracks were the reason for his popularity. 

  1. Pepas
  2. Nazareno
  3. Diles
  4. On My Way
  5. El Incomprendido
  6. Fantasias
  7. Si Se Da
  8. After Party
  9. Calma
  10. La Toxica
  11. 6 AM
  12. No Te Enamores
  13. Passion Whine
  14. Si Me Dices Que Si
  15. Chillax

Farruko Net Worth

Farruko has a net worth of $4 million as of 2022. Besides his net worth, his annual income is $1 million.

The Bottom Line

Farruko was born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico on May 2, 1991. His interest in music rose at the age of 10. Farruko has gained so much success and fame throughout his life. He has been struggling since 2006 in the music industry but got recognition after his first album in 2010. Farruko gave many hits and received several awards. But then he decided to end it all when he announced his retirement during the tour of his album “La 167” in Miami. Now, Farruko preaches in concerts and lives a religious life.


How old is Farruko now?

He is 31 years old as of 2022.

How many Children he has?

He has three children: Kefron Adiel, Keylon Wayne, and Kaylo Sky.

Is Farruko Retired?

Yes, Farruko has announced his retirement.

How tall is Farruko?

He is 6ft 1inches.

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