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Moisturizer or Sunscreen: Which Should be Applied First?

Moisturizer and sunscreen are the two things found in the bag of every woman. Undeniably, these are essentials for skincare and should be used frequently. Every woman is highly consistent about their skincare routine and using products is the right way to get the perfect skin.

The two products mentioned above serve two different purposes but should be used no matter what. As skincare involves the application of multiple products, the order of application matters a lot. However, there are some women who apply sunscreen before moisturiser, and some do the other way around. Often, they are concerned about the correct order of doing so.

Does it Matter?

The correct order of using sunscreen and moisturiser is often a debatable topic. If the sunscreen is applied before the moisturiser, then the sun protection will not come into contact with the sunlight as the moisturizer will cover the sunscreen. In that way, it can interfere with the effectiveness of the sunscreen. On the other hand, if sunscreen is applied after moisturizer, then it will not come into direct contact with the skin and can hamper the way it works.

What is the Right Way of Application?

There are two different types of sunscreen available: Physical or mineral sunscreen and chemical sunscreen. Both have their perks and are widely available. Mineral sunscreen reflects the UV rays from the skin. If you plan to use this type of sunscreen, then it should be applied after moisturiser so that it can work effectively.

Chemical sunscreen is also considered as the right sunscreen for oily skin. It penetrates the skin and protects from UV rays. If you use this type of sunscreen, then the right way to do so is apply it before the moisturiser and directly on the skin.

Can these Two be Mixed?

When you are using two different skincare products, then you should pay special attention to how they should be used. Though moisturiser and sunscreen will be applied to the same area, it is not advised to mix together before application. Both of them has their separate way of application and it should be strictly followed for the best results.

Is it Necessary to Use Sunscreen and Moisturizer?

Sunscreen and moisturizer should be a part of everyone’s skincare routine. They have essential properties that are needed for the skin to remain healthy and flawless. Even though some of the sunscreens claim to have moisturizing properties, they cannot be replaced for the item that is specifically made to serve the purpose. Using both is the right thing to do to obtain better-looking skin.

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Patience is the Key

Now that you know which should be applied to the skin before and after, you should know how long you should wait prior to applying the second product. Many people apply sunscreen just after they put on moisturizer. Even though there is no fixed waiting time to apply, it is best to be patient and wait a few minutes before you do so. The science behind this is that you should let the skin absorb the substances so that it can get the best results. Even the best sunscreen in India needs a bit of time to be absorbed in the skin. All you have to do is just wait a couple of minutes and continue with the process.

Sunscreen is your best weapon against harmful UV rays. Using the best sunscreen lotion with at least SPF 30 should be your priority. LOTUS Herbal sunscreens are considered among the most effective sun protections that can guard your skin for several years. Apply for the protection the correct way and check the type of sunscreen to find out whether you should put it before or after your moisturiser.