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Let Your Crush be Expressed Amazingly with These 10 Exotic Flowers

exotic flowers- Let Your Crush be Expressed Amazingly with These 10 Exotic Flowers

Exotic flowers protrude and dominate in a foreign land or region where the florists introduce them. They can survive well in the new climate, although they may destroy the neighboring animals, environment, and plants in it. Like other flowers, exotic flowers can be the best when you want to express your feelings to your crush and make them know that you have something for them.
You can make a beautiful arrangement in the flower bouquets and give your crush in the form of a gift on any occasion or just a typical day. Exotic flowers come in various types. This article will discuss some of them in detail. They include;

1. Anthuriums

Anthuriums are heart-shaped flowers with beautiful and unique blooms with their origin from the rainforest of Colombia. It can grow and develop in any flower garden even though it originated from a specific place. Anthuriums come in different bright colors such as purple, white, green, and orange.

One can easily care for them by placing them where there is no direct heat. Anthuriums can make the best flower arrangement in a vase for a more extended period. They are sometimes known as boy flowers, our personal favorite, painted tongue, etc. It usually symbolizes good luck, happiness, hospitality, wealth, and protection, and this is why it can be suitable for your crush.

2. Lily of the valley

Lily of the valley is a type of exotic flower which blossoms in springtime, usually May to June. It has a sweet scent hence used in perfume making in most cases. It has dainty bell-shaped flowers that are the reason behind the nectar from it. Most of the flowers are always white. However, pink varieties can also be available, especially if your flower bouquet looks unique.

Lily of the valley contains an acidic, poisonous substance that can cause pets, animals, or children. The flower represents happiness, youth, sincerity, and purity. The sweet scent will make your crush feel expressed.

3. Birds of paradise

Birds of paradise were introduced in the western region after originating from South America. It has bright blue petals, which contain a lot of sugar water, and orange sepals which are always upright. Its green and red bracts look like a bird’s head and hold up to six buds hence the name birds of paradise. 

Birds of paradise shine with their bright blue color when you place them in a vase of different flower arrangements. It can be suitable for your crush, especially when you want to make a statement to them. The flower represents immortality and freedom.

4. Tulips

Tulips originated from Turkey and are commonly grown in Holland’s countryside. They come in different colors and shades, such as red, white, yellow, blue, maroon, black, rainbow, etc., and are symmetrical in shape. They usually blossom with their bright bunches in spring and can be the best in making your crush feel amazing and expressed.

5. Amaryllis

Amaryllis is a type of exotic flower which has bright, significant, and beautiful flowers. It usually blossoms in winter with various colors such as salmon, pink, white, rose, orange, etc. It can also appear in two or more colors in a bunch. 

Amaryllis originated from South Africa and has a history of a maiden called Amaryllis falling in love with a strong shepherd Alteo. Hence it symbolizes beauty, strength, and determination. This is why it can be the best gift for your crush when you want to express your love for them.

6. Orchids

Orchids come in many species that one can always choose from. They blossom throughout the year with different colors like vibrant yellow and striking blush shades. They can be good at decorating a room with millennial pink colors or when you put them in the corner of a bathroom. 

Orchids are simple and easy to maintain so long as you have some water or ice cubes that you can put into the soil to melt and ensure that the flower brings out the buds and its beauty is maintained. They can make the perfect gift for your crush if you want to cheer them up since they represent strength and beauty. 

7. Protea

Protea is a beautiful exotic flower that originated from Gondwana and is the South Africa national flower. The splitting of the continent has made them spread all over the world. Protea usually comes in different shapes and sizes, and they represent courage, diversity, and transformation, making them the perfect gift for your crush to express your love.

8. Calla lilies

Calla lily is a type of exotic flower with vibrant and green leaves, and the flowers are fluted unusually. They usually blossom in late summer with elegant flowers and are very simple and easy to take care of. You can mix them in a flower bouquet arrangement or plant them in a vase to experience their beauty and incredibleness.

9. Lotus

Lotus marks the most sacred flowers in Buddhism and Hinduism. They primarily grow in mud in the Westland parts but can adapt to any local environment quickly. You can use them in water purification in the region where they are growing, and they usually resist various kinds of pollution.

Despite their beautiful blooms, they can represent the business. A lotus flower bouquet can make a beautiful smile on your crush’s face when you present it to them.

10. Celosia

Many florists grow this exotic flower in Asia, Africa, South America, and Indonesia tropical regions. It has a sweet herbal scent and comes in various colors like red, purple, pink, and orange. It is also good to present as a gift, especially when making a bold statement.


Most exotic flowers can make the perfect gift for your crush to express how you feel about them and show them that they are amazing. You can choose from the above-discussed one and use them to make a flower bouquet for them.