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Krt Audit Procedure and its Importance

Krt audit

Statistics show that, if you are choosing any overseas supplier, buyers think about the credibility and also quality of the supplier. Buyers or different companies certify or inspect an overseas supplier before doing any business with such overseas suppliers. The credibility and quality of the suppliers mean a lot today. Doing business with such a creditable supplier means very little risk. It is quite like for the buyers to establish a favorable business relationship with the creditable supplier. Before making business with such a supplier, you need to check for an intended supplier before making any substantial business procedure.

What is the Procedure?

What is the procedure to inspect a foreign supplier? Most of the buyers dispatch their own auditing team to carry out the inspection on the foreign suppliers. This auditing team needs to take several items in their consideration. They need to check tangible things like certificates, quality the company had got workshop, company scale, and factory area. There are some other things also like the research ability, management system and even the culture of the company.

Qualities of the Inspection Team

The auditing team has to be knowledgeable, skilled when checking the product or manufacturing the equipment of the supplier.

KRT audit

Another important quality that the auditing team needs to have is professionalism. The team should be dedicated and highly professional on work with regard to the overall image of the company including its researching ability, management system etc. They should check the manufacturing process, and products scientifically and thoroughly. This is the most important matter when the buyer needs to consider the geography factor.

Two Choices to Consider

There are two options for the buyers, an in-house inspection team and a third-party inspection team.

  • The in-house team works for the buyer company directly. They visit the supply chain to inspect production procedures. But sending such a team is a costly factor especially when you need to send them to other countries. In such a case, you will get another solution. There is some inspection team that works from other countries like China.
  • These companies can help you out in the inspection process. They have a team of inspectors who visits the factory sites and check everything with updated techniques and tools. If you send your in-house team, you need to pay their travel expenses, food expenses, and extra salary and so on. But with the China-based inspection team, you will be free from paying such extra costs.

Reason to go for On-Site Inspection Team

This is the key reason that many buyers tuning to the on-site krt audit for help. An on-site audit service is actually a third-party inspection service offered by a third-party certified institution. After the entrustment of the buyers, these companies dispatch their professional commissioners to the target suppliers. After finishing the inspection process, they deliver the result to the buyers that contain the overall situation of the supplier. This is an evaluation process. These inspectors are completely responsible for the result and have no place to question on their report.

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