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Kraft Soap Packaging Ideas-Take your Soap Business to the Next Level

Soap Boxes

Kraft packaging is becoming highly popular among various industries for storage and safe transport of products including soaps, eatables, jewelry, and other materials. This packaging is especially used for the purpose of transportation due to its tensile strength and high tear resistance qualities for materials that need packaging with strength and durability. Use soap boxes to protect your beauty soaps.

What is Kraft Soap Boxes Packaging?

Kraft packaging is basically packaging made out of plant sources i.e. wood of mainly spruce, fir, and pine trees, sometimes also from bamboo. This makes it environment-friendly and sustainable. It is made by transforming and processing the wood pulp into paper, which is then layered together and laminated to form cardboard material. This is then made into boxes for packaging.

We will talk about all the reasons why kraft soap packaging is suitable for your soap business, and how you can make it into unique exclusive packaging style custom kraft soap boxes to promote your soap brand.

Custom Kraft Soap Packaging Styles

Let us get into the details of how you can use unique custom kraft box styles to make your product with its kraft soap packaging stand out.

Plain Custom Kraft Soap Boxes

These are the simplest yet most elegant options for your soaps. The woody texture and brown woody natural color of the soap box look elegant and stylish. If your soaps are homemade, this the best option for you as it gives that natural look to your product that will complement your product perfectly. You can add custom cardboard box and kraft tape to make it look more appealing.

custom soap boxes

Pillow Kraft boxes

These are flat kraft paper sheets made into a shape such that when pressed, they pop up and get into the shape of a pillow. These are super trendy and look very appealing and to the customers. With the ever-increasing competition in the soap business, this is a great idea to make your product look attractive to the customers.

Kraft Boxes with Window

These are similar to plain craft boxes with an open window on top which can be sealed with thin plastic if the window is large. These are especially preferable if you want your beautiful soap to be showcased for the customer to see in addition to being protected and stored.

Kraft Boxes with Lid

These are two-piece kraft soap boxes that contain a lid and a bottom into which the product is placed. These along with being safe, also look very stylish and well organized. It will make your packaging look so smart that they would not want to throw it away even after removing the product.

Sliding Cover Kraft Boxes

This is also two piece packaging with a rectangular bare container box with a lid that slides off the top, similar to the box of matchsticks. These boxes are also available with see through plastic sliding cover to showcase the beauty of your unique soaps.

Tuck Top Kraft Boxes

You might have seen the boxes of cakes or the ones in which your parcels are delivered, having single cardboard made into a bottom and then folded above as a lid, that can be tucked inside the spaces of the bottom. This packaging is fairly common and easy to find from kraft soap packaging suppliers.

Coloring and Printing of Kraft Boxes

Since kraft packaging is primarily made of wood pulp, it has great quality of absorbing color and prints. While selecting your desired print, this fact has to be kept in mind. In addition to that, having a brown base color of the boxes will also affect the coloring. Lighter colors are not a great choice for printing on kraft paper as they become very dim. White color does not show on the boxes at all, so forget printing images with white background.

Black color printing is probably the best choice for printing and even base color for your kraft boxes. Black kraft soaps boxes look very unique and classy, and the color goes great with a brown base if you desired to get an image printed on them.

Branding of Soap Boxes

Branding of kraft soap boxes is the most important step in your way of promoting and propagating your business. No matter what the shape and style of your packaging is. This can help your customers to get introduced to your brand and identify your product as exclusive and unique from other counterparts in the market. You can get your custom soap boxes with logo printed on them. This can made to look unique and eye-catching by natural eco-friendly printing or raised ink.

Wholesale Kraft Soap Boxes

It is very convenient to get your kraft soap boxes in bulk from wholesale market. This is a preferable way because of the fact that you can save a lot of money by buying your product in bulk. This way you can get exclusive discounts and savings. Also, the wholesale markets design the products meeting all the latest requirements keeping in mind the needs of the product to keep up with the pace.

Why Kraft Packaging?

In addition to the looks and appeal of your product, kraft packaging is a great option for your soaps for many reasons. It ensures the safety of the product especially when you have to transport it to long distances. Kraft packaging is sustainable and eco-friendly. It is easily biodegradable and can be recycled very easily. On top of that, you can save a lot of money in your business as it is much cheaper than synthetic packaging.