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Know About The Several Reasons Of Visitor Visa Australia Refusal

Visa Subclass 600

Are you planning a trip to Australia? Then, you must be very careful about your visa. It will be so disheartening and frustrating to hear your visa to get cancelled just before such a beautiful experience. One thing you should always keep in mind that, Australian Department of Home Affairs is extremely strict regarding the eligibility criteria for your visitor visa. Tourist visa is termed as Visitor Visa Subclass 600. You can take help from Migration Agent Adelaide who can guide you in many ways while you will be applying for the visa. Here given are some key reasons why the visa gets rejected.

  1. If you are from a high-risk country and apply for the wrong visa

Your visa subclass 600 will readily get rejected if you’re coming from a country with high-risk. This will depend exclusively on the present situation. So, before you will apply, check the credentials first whether you can get accepted into Australia. For risk countries, this visa will not be applicable. Another cause for which your visa may get rejected is applying for the inappropriate visa. So, before you apply, do a thorough research on the types of visa. You can discuss with any Visa Agent Adelaide for a better knowledge and understanding of all the subclasses and categories of visa.

  • If you previously got your visa rejected

Did any of your visas previously get rejected? Then, you will not be eligible to get a Visitor Visa 600. The immigration office will meticulously assess the entire history of your visa which is an essential part of the application. So, following all the conditions of a visa in Australia is a must-do if you plan to visit Australia a second time. Conditions include no further staying in the country, no further work or no further allowance to study. So, if you hadn’t met all the conditions of your previous visa without any valid reason, a 3-year ban may be imposed on you and your visitor visa will be very likely to get refused.

  • If there is inconsistency present in the application

Visa application is a prolonged process because it involves transit between two countries, where you have to obey the norms of both governments. Consequently, you have to fill out a number of application forms and thus, it poses a high chance of inconsistency with the information. If a mismatch or any discrepancy is found in information that you need to put in multiple brackets, you will get your Visa Subclass 600 visa refused. Not only that, you cannot appeal against the visa refusal either.

  • If there is lack of evidence in the application

This is a common reason why a tourist visa in Australia gets rejected. There are few requirements you have to meet as the eligibility for your visa subclass 600 to be granted. If your family is coming with you, then you must show that you will be financially able to cover the whole costs to spend your holiday. Or, if you do not have that sufficient ability, you must have some sponsor to support you in the financial cause. After your trip completes, you must return to your home country.

The claims that you mentioned in your visa application, must have enough evidence. Lack of evidence will lead to the refusal of your visa. The home department will also want to see if you’re visiting the country for genuine reasons and will be returning to your home country also for genuine reasons like employment, assets or family responsibilities. You can take suggestions from any visa consultant Adelaide.

  • If the documents are false and misleading

Before you start the application process, you should do a thorough checking of all the documents. If your documents are false and found misleading, that will be a gruesome criminal offence. Not only you will be refused to grant visa, but you will receive a 3-year ban too, from entering Australia. This will lead to even re-refusal of any visa in future. You will definitely not like this kind of torment.

  • If you fail to meet health requirements

Australia always tries to maintain better health standards for all the people living here and thus will require certain health conditions to be met. To be granted the visa, you must show evidence that you will not pose any health or safety risk to the other people. If your heart condition is not well or if you have diabetes, you will be ineligible for the visa to be granted. But the most primary concern for the home department is presence of any disease which is highly contagious.

For example, you will not be granted the visa if you have tuberculosis. In that case, you will be required to go through recommended treatment and successful re-testing. And as you know the present situation, you will definitely require producing a COVID-negative certificate.

  • If you fail to meet character requirements

The immigration office will look for criminal records you may have, not just in Australia, but in any other country. According to migration laws, you will need to take character test so that the government can be satisfied to find that you are a citizen who is abide by the laws and you will not pose any danger to other citizens as well.

In the end

If you have more queries to ask, you may contact Immigration Agent Adelaide, who can also help you in finding a suitable registered migration agent so that you will get your visa in time and enjoy your holidays to the fullest.