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Keep an Eye Out for these Analytic Features in the Cerner Demo!

Cerner Demo

The Cerner EMR offers a lot of benefits to solutions. Aside from helping to manage your clinical data, it also allows you to create analytical data. This data is crucial so you can learn about the strengths and weaknesses of your practice. While you’re taking the Cerner demo, here are some of the analytical features you’ll see.

About Cerner EMR Analytics

Analytics plays an important role in the strategic direction that practices will take. The information, collected over a long time, covers the everyday processes of practices. Cerner EMR is a tool that helps collect this data in one place so it can be utilized.

The software from Cerner allows practices and health organizations to create a culture that is founded on data. This starts by identifying the opportunities for improvement within practices. The information can then be used to strategize around projects driven by data. Finally, the information is useful for long-term policy changes designed to improve care.

For more information on how data is used to strategize by Cerner EMR, you can check out the Cerner EMR demo.

Analytical Features you can see During the Cerner Demo

There are plenty of vendors out there who claim that data-driven exchange is their ultimate goal in healthcare. Cerner proves their dedication to this by providing an analytical solution to practices for free. This is part of their promise to practices to create a stronger culture of data. If you are looking to improve the productivity of your clinic, this is the software to use.

Here are some of the features you can use to analyze data using Cerner. You can see most of these during your Cerner software demo.

Give Context to your Data

The data that you collect cannot give meaning until it is contextualized. Using Cerner EMR, your data isn’t just collected and presented without data from your peers. With tools at the local and national levels, you can create a benchmark. This allows you to compare yourself to your peers and see what changes need to be made to catch up.

The same goes for information depending on the site of the facility, the type, the people involved, and more. These variables also give context to the data that you collect that can allow you to create better strategic decisions.

Monitor Data on the Go

Doctors in this modern age cannot be tethered to their desks in their offices. They need to constantly be on the go, and this has never been truer than during the COVID-19 pandemic. In a state like this, it can be difficult to monitor data constantly. However, as you see through the Cerner demo, you will be able to stay informed.

You can use email and other types of alerts to keep an eye on your data no matter where you are. This is even better complemented with the fact that the Cerner software is remotely accessible. So all of your data can be accessed at any point using any device. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser.

Manage Data your Way

The data you collect should be based on parameters set by you. You know your population, practice, and workflow best. That is why, you get a feature you see often during the Cerner demo – customizability. You can customize which of the reports you want to save, and what kind of notifications you would like to see.

The ability to view the data in real-time is also important for practice. This way, you don’t have to wait to see what is happening in terms of data. You can create actionable strategies to deal with your issues as they happen.

The Importance of Analytics in COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to gather information has been more important than ever. It is now essential that practices gather important and crucial data around healthcare provision in this time. In such a situation, Cerner is still supporting practices in the journey to collect meaningful data. Here are some of the actionable ways that practices can use Cerner to collect data during the global pandemic.

One way that Cerner is tackling the COVID pandemic is by creating mechanisms to identify what patients are at risk. A model created by the software allows practices to identify and reach people who may need care in the form of televisits.

For hospitals, a key area to work on in this time is the prevention of surges in infection. A tool provided by Cerner allows them to use a publicly accessible dashboard to predict surges. This data is created by consolidating information from various nearby counties. It allows hospitals to see when surges are coming up, and prepare beforehand.

What makes the COVID response so strong is the interconnectivity of healthcare workers. By allowing data to be exchanged, new lessons can be learned about the disease. The Cerner system works to improve this communication, and in a way, accelerate it. Make sure to ask about the communication options available during the Cerner EHR demo.

As vaccines become available, and more people recover from the disease, there is a new process for practices to prepare for. Practices can redirect their efforts into working on tools needed to help recovering COVID patients. This can only happen utilizing data collected now and during the pandemic. It will allow practices to make informed decisions.


Data is vital to allow practice growth and Cerner is dedicated to providing you with the tools you need. If you want to learn more about the software, we would recommend getting a Cerner Demo. This will allow you to see how the software does in real time.