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Kamshet: A Paradise for Paragliders

kamshet paragliding

Kamshet situated in the state of Maharashtra is renowned to be the paragliding capital of India. it is a symbol of natural beauty surrounded by Western ghats, and wonders of Sahyadri ranges. Kamshet is like a fairytale place full of a wide variety of flora and fauna to witness. The place in itself has an optimistic vibe and offers ample cultural heritage to witness, this place will make you enchanted by its ever-changing natural beauty.

The place is even located in proximity to hectic cities, it is 45 km away from Pune and 110 km away from Mumbai. If you are fed up with the hectic lifestyle, you can surely enjoy a reckless adventurous one on your few day’s stay at Kamshet. 

Best Time to Visit Kamshet for Paragliding

The best time of the year to visit the Kamshet is from October to May. During this period the environment has a wild misty breeze that increases the thrill of Kamshet Paragliding. This is considered the best time to relish adventurous activities as paragliding tends to start just after the monsoon. During the winters the weather is idle and you will get perfect thermic conditions to relish sustained gliding.

The tropical savanna climate suggests that the area is about 30 degrees Celsius throughout the year, but April is the hottest month. Hence winters are the best season to visit this place. The weather is perfect at this time to enjoy paragliding as well as sightseeing in this heavenly destination.

Paragliding at Kamshet

If you’re looking for an adventurous and enthralling activity during your visit to the Maharashtra region of India, Kamshet paragliding is highly recommended for amateurs and expert paragliders alike. 

Kamshet Paragliding is one of India’s best destinations for paragliding. You can come here for a tandem to enjoy paragliding which requires no experience and costs approximately 2500 INR. The flying site is at Kamshet at tower hills. Jamshed completes an activist’s day. The joy tandem lasts  8 – 10 minutes long. The instructional tandem flight for novices is 10 – 15 minutes long. The Acro tandem flight is 15 – 20 minutes long.

 This flight time may vary depending on the weather situation. Kamshet is found amongst the Sahya Mountains meaning that most take-off sites require a little hiking. The place tends to give the best rejuvenating and refreshing paragliding sensation. 

Some of the Best Places to Relish Inexplicable Experiences at Kamshet are:

Pawna Lake

Pawna lake situated near Lonavala is one of the best camping places in Maharashtra and it even allows enjoying the adventurous activity of paragliding. Paragliding while enjoying the peaceful view of crystal clear water will give you a thrilling as well as peaceful sensation. The place has breathtaking views to relish and forget all your worries.

Shinde Hills

Shinde Hills is renowned for paragliding rides among both experienced and amateur gliders. Wadi Hills furnishes the perfect combination of the perfect height and an amazing take-off point. From these hills, the trained gliders get to relax and enjoy the ride while the beginner gets the opportunity to learn new tricks at a safe point. The place offers magnificent views to add to the list of amazing experiences.

Bhandara Dongar

This place is the abode of some most ancient temples. This place is considered a spiritual as well as a paragliding center. Here you can enjoy the tranquility and an adrenaline rush at the same time while paragliding. The challenge of paragliding at this site in Kamshet is only going to boost the fun quotient for you!

Bhairi Caves

An absolute pleasure for trekkers, these caves with wonderful groups of rugged terrains are fun to scour. If you adore riding above the clouds, then Bhairi Caves is the perfect destination for you to relish paragliding in Kamshet. These caves have the best vantage point for take-off with fascinating views of nature and its wonders. These are the main sites at Kamshet where you can relish the best paragliding experience in India.

Safety Concerns

All the paragliding teams at Kamshet are professional and reliable. All the required safety precautions are taken by the professionals and the equipment used is checked before the paragliding ride. Some precautions need to be taken by travelers which include:

  • Wearing body-fitting but comfortable clothes.
  • Keep your feet completely covered and Avoid slippers or sandals. Wear sturdy sports shoes or trekking shoes. Carry gloves to resist frost bites to prevent injuries during Kamshet paragliding. Listen to the safety of the professional’s instructions carefully.
  • Paragliding only sounds dangerous but is not. It is entirely on as you’re doing it in the right season, with competent pilots, with the best safety gear, and are fastening to the safety instructions given to you. You get a safe and sound paragliding experience at Kamshet.


The place is heavenly and will give you the best experience of paragliding. This place will allow you to make some lifetime memories to Cherish. Therefore don’t forget to keep this place on your wishlist of destinations.

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