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IVF Process- Complete Test Tube Baby Procedure Step by Step


IVF process is also known as (In Vitro Fertilization) is a scientific procedure for curing Infertility. Male sperm and female eggs are collected and infused in the dedicated laboratory to prepare embryos. Presently, DR.Ruchi Bhandari (Consultant Gynaecologist, Infertility specialist) from the best IVF center in Jaipur shares insight that the IVF technology has the latest equipment and procedures. The IVF success rate has been improved a lot better in previous years. This treatment is used for same-gender & heterosexual couples facing Infertility and by single women who want to become parents.

Then according to the age and reports of the diagnosis, embryos were shifted and placed inside women’s reproductive system to get a higher possibility of pregnancy. IVF procedure was first introduced in England in 1978. Moreover, that time technique is highly suggested by doctors to women with blocked fallopian tubes to get positive results in pregnancy.

Complete IVF Procedure

Ovulation Initiation

This process starts with a diagnosis of women’s ovaries to know the current state and ensure that ovaries release eggs to be fertile at an observed time. And mostly medicines & hormones are induced in the body to develop one or more eggs for fertilization.

Egg Extraction

First, your doctor will give you mild medications for pain. Then one fragile needle is placed onto the upper vaginal part to remove liquid-containing eggs from women’s ovaries.

Instantly, after the extraction process, eggs are settled in a dish & relocated into the incubator.

Fertilization Process

In this process, the Selected sperm from your partner or a donor is kept safe and secure. Then doctors analyze it and add the required extracted eggs in the lab. Every so often, doctors step directly to inject sperm straight into the egg to get higher success chances. However, doctors & specialized embryologist monitors the whole IVF process to ensure the healthy development of an embryo.

The sperm sample is secure, either from your partner or a donor and analyzed and added to the egg(s) retrieved. Sometimes your doctor may choose to inject the sperm directly into the egg to optimize success. The doctor and embryologist then monitor the fertilization process to make sure a healthy embryo is a result.

Embryo Transference

Doctors & embryologists will monitor the development of an embryo, and when it gets done, the doctor will schedule a “shifting day.” On this day, you will have a lot of mixed emotions and anxiety. And cheer up; these are the last steps towards the IVF process. Finally, a doctor will place a bit of plastic tubular inside your uterus and relocate the embryos inside uterine caries.

The Two Weeks of Waiting

After compilation of the IVF process, women have to wait for 14 days. In these 14 days, they will encounter so many mixed emotions and feelings, hospitals and clinics have groups and communities of patients to resolve issues. After 14 days, the doctor will call you for a hormonal check-up & pregnancy check-up.

IVF process

Known to many as “TWW,” it can be 14 days of mixed emotions. This is where you can continue to get comfortable and talks done with fellow patients in a community during the process for support. Fourteen days post embryo transfer. Your physician brings you in for a pregnancy test and hormone check-up.

IVF Success Rate Influencing Factors

In Vitro Fertilization is a complicated multi-factorial process in which good treatment accuracy and timing are required. The chances of getting successful pregnancy are depended upon the following f

In Vitro Fertilization, as a fertility treatment, is a multi-factorial procedure reliant on proper timing and accuracy. The probabilities of a successful IVF treatment depend on the following.


The most crucial factor regarding IVF treatment is women’s age, mostly seen that women under the age of 24 to 35 are likely to have the most successful IVF fertility. in another hand, if a woman is running in her late 30 or early 40, the success rate drops and have more difficulty in getting fertile.

The Quality of Egg, Sperm, and Embryo

A man also plays an essential role in IVF treatment. If having any fertility issues, then the rate of successful pregnancy deffer, the concentration of sperm cells, oocytes, and embryos depends on age, ovarian reserve, & embryos quality.

Previous Pregnancy

If the couple had any previous pregnancy issues & multiple miscarriages, or any fertility-based problems, the IVF process is a very successful and better probability of positive results.

Remarkable fertility problems – 

  • Uterine irregularity
  • formation of fibroid tumors
  • Ovarian debilitated

Risk factors of IVF Procedure

  • Multiple Child Birth. In the case of IVF, there is the chance of having various transfusions of embryo into women’s reproductive system. Maybe a risk of the premature outcome.
  • Miscarriage:- For women who conceive naturally & use IVF, the miscarriage rate is around 15% to 30% for both.
  • Birth imperfection/defect. Mainly risk occurs because of maternal age because that child can be born prematurely. There are not enough research papers regarding this. Further research is required to get exact figures.
  •  Anxiety/Stress. While you’re planning for a new member of a family, IVF may put a burden physically & financially on your shoulders, so being with your family at this time can make you feel a lot more warmth and relaxed during the entire duration of treatment.

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