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Is Wearing Medical Shields for your Face Effective?

Medical Shields

Medical shields for your face is a personal protection equipment or PPE that medical and health authorities have advised the general population to wear during the peak of a pandemic. They were usually worn by healthcare professionals and are made of a head-mounted suspension mechanism and a transparent visor that protect the wearer’s face from any harmful droplets and other fluids to avoid being infected from their patients.

These shields protect the wearer from getting any contagious fluids into their mouths, noses or eyes that could lead them to getting sick. Not all were a fan of wearing the shields to cover their faces since they could be uncomfortable to wear especially if you are not used to wearing one all the time. But in most cases, this downside is still not enough to outweigh the advantages.

Full Face Protection

One of the obvious benefits to wearing a face shield is that it gives full face protection. They protect the wearer’s eyes, nose and mouth which are the common point of entry for pathogens. Large respiratory droplets that transmit viruses cannot be transferred from one carrier to another because to the plastic piece that hangs from the top of the brow and reaches below the chin.


Another advantage is that since most viruses are passed on not only as bodily fluid but with our hands, wearing a shield for your face would prevent you from unintentionally introducing virus packed particles from your hands to your eyes, nose and mouth. With the shield on, even if you unconsciously or accidentally wanted to rub your eyes when you have not yet sanitized your hand, you are less likely to get infected with any virus.

Proper Wearing

With face masks, there is a tendency for people to wear them improperly. Some will wear it without covering their noses while others will just let it slip down their chin. When it comes to medical shields for our faces, there is no other way to wear it aside from the proper way. These shields are only worn one way and that is for the forehead band to sit between 1/2 inch and 1 inch over the eyebrows, and the bottom of the shield should be under chin level.

Affordable and Accessible

Before the pandemic, we are not privy to face masks, shields, gloves and other PPE to help protect us from viruses. But now, they are affordable and easy to purchase. Shields, much like face masks are readily available not just from pharmacies but also from high-end retail stores and convenience stores. Still, not all shields are created equal and depending on your reason for buying and using them, choose one that is not only within your budget and means but would also be able to serve its purpose.

Since they could be reused and do not impair the wearer’s vision, facial visibility or speech, wearing of medical shields for our faces is recommended. However, they should still be worn while still adhering to other precautions like physical distancing and constant hand sanitizing. In addition, shields that below the chin and wrap around the wearer’s sides of the face are suggested for better protection.